If you own a corporation, are an investor, or are self-employed, I recommend that you hire a public accountant ("CA"). CAs are not bean counters. They provide valuable business and tax advice, helping you achieve your financial goals.

By reading this article, you can make a more informed decision about whether your business requires a CPA, and more specifically, why hiring a CPA in Toronto has additional benefits.

Public Accountants - Years of Education

Becoming a CA is not an easy task. They spend years in school, must pass 3 qualifying exams, and must have 30 months of practical experience, before they can earn their AC designation.

With such rigorous educational requirements, CPAs have the knowledge to help you and your business.

Public Accountants - High ethical standards

Public accountants must comply with a code of professional conduct. The code of conduct is very extensive and requires CAs to act ethically, maintain client confidentiality, be independent, and avoid situations involving a conflict of interest. CAs have been said to have one of the most rigorous professional codes of conduct among the various professional bodies in Canada.

When CAs do not meet the standards of the profession, they will likely be disciplined and, in some cases, expelled from the profession entirely.

Non-appointed accountants may not belong to a professional body or have a code of conduct to comply with, which can be very concerning for business owners. If your Accountant is accountable to no one but himself, what guarantees do you have that they will do the right thing?

Public Accountants - Tax Experts

Many accountants provide tax planning and preparation services to their clients. However, not all accountants are tax experts. So what exactly is a tax expert and are CA tax experts? I will explain this below.

First of all, tax experts have a wealth of knowledge or experience in the tax area. There are different types of tax experts such as: GST experts, Canadian income tax experts, wealth tax experts, etc.

The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) has the most rigorous and comprehensive tax training program in Canada, known as the Canadian In-Depth Tax Course. Many CAs have completed the CICA Deep Tax Course and have practiced taxes for many years, allowing them to remain as tax experts.

Before hiring an AC, you should find out if he / she has completed the CICA Deep Tax Course and the type and years of tax experience they have. You want to make sure that you are, in fact, hiring a CA that is a tax expert.

Public Accountant - Fees

CAs are not always expensive. Many Chartered Accountants take pleasure in providing their clients with a fixed rate, rather than billing by the hour. Furthermore, they will generally demonstrate that the value you and your business derive from your services far outweighs the fees you pay them.

I recommend that you get a rate quote first, so there are no surprises. In addition, you must ensure that your CA always seeks your approval before submitting an invoice. Finally, you should have a detailed letter of commitment specifying the services to be performed, the expected delivery date and the fees for those services, to avoid disputes. https://cheaperaccountant.co.uk/

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I recommend that you get a rate quote first, so there are no surprises. In addition, you must ensure that your CA always seeks your approval before submitting an invoice.