Mental decline is one of the major causes of debilitating condition of an individual during old age. Today, Alzheimer’s disease falls under top five reasons of deaths in America and other parts of the world as well. So far no plausible cure has been found for this fatal disease. This is worst form of mental decline which finally costs not only the life of the victim but his/her family as a whole as the person tends to forget everything including himself and his family.

The condition renders him absolutely helpless and debilitated to perform his/her daily activities. However, if you happen to diagnose Azheimer’s disease at its early stages, the speed and intensity of mental decline can be easily controlled and even reversed in certain lucky cases using the new age mind power drugs and medicines known as smart drugs or nootropics. Of all the mind boosting medicines available in the market, cerebrolysin happens to be the strongest of them all.

What makes cerebrolysin different and potent as compoared to other mind power drugs, is its role in alzheimer’s disease treatment. Instead of trying to inhibit an enzyme that destroys neurotransmitters in the brain when alzheimer disease is contracted, cerebrolysin targets the causes. Working to improve the function and the quantity of neurons and brain transmitters, cerebrolysin not only decreases the rate at which brain cells die, it’s known to block exitocins – now believed to be one of the main causes of alzheimer disease.

Cerebrolysin thus is a peptide-based drug product supporting the survival, stability, and function of neurons. As Alzheimer’s disease results in the rapid decline and death of brain cells or neurons, cerebrolysin by decreasing free radical damage and promoting synaptic repair helps in improving cognitive, memory and behavioral performance in alzeimer’s disease patients as well as those with other types of mental decline.

Moreover, as cerebrolysin improves behavioral performance by affecting synaptic transmission in the hippocampus, it has also been proven to be effective in the treatment of parkinson’s disease, which is another form of mental and physical decline resulting in death of the individual. In over 80 clinical trials with over 5000 patients with mild to moderate cases of the condition, using cerbrolysin was found to significantly improve cognitive powers. Cerebrlysin fluid is generally believed to be most effective when injected intravenously.

As cerebrolysin is well tolerated by the body, cerebrolysin side effects are very few and mild. These include chills, headaches, or slight increases in body temperature of the patient.

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I am Dianna, a renowned writer and loves discussing about health issues and their effective treatments. This article is about Alzhiemer’s disease and its treatment. Most of the Doctors recommend Cerebrolysin for Alzhiemer’s disease Treatment.