Alzhiemer’s disease is a debilitating mental disease which starts general forgetfulness which gradually takes the form of complete memory loss and breakdown of an individual’s key mental abilities. This progressive memory decline is thus characterized by a loss of mental facilities that go far beyond the sufferer’s ability to recall facts, memories and maintain normal body functions.

Alzhiemer’s disease thus not only affects the life and performance of the victim but also causes a lot of distress to those people who are attached with the sufferer. The disease most likely affects the elderly population, especially those over the age of 60 years. While the exact cause of the disease occurrence is still unknown, as per the scientists the disease occurs due to the rapid decline important neurotransmitters resulting in progressive mental decline.

Although there are a lot of treatment options available for alzhiemer’s disease treatment, these only help addressing the symptoms and tend to ignore the causes. For effective alzhiemer’s disease treatment, we require a drug which not only address the symptoms but also targets the causes, the root cause due to which this serious disease occurs in the first place. In such a scenerio, cerebrolysin is a new and revolutionary drug which not treats the symptoms but also addresses the causes of alzhiemer’s disease to effectively treat this debilitating condition.

Cerebrolysin not only mprove the function and the quantity of neurons and brain transmitters, cerebrolysin not only decreases the rate at which brain cells die, it’s known to block exitocins – now believed to be one of the main causes of alzheimer disease. These excitocins enter the blood stream through the food that we eat, mainly MSG and sugar substitute aspartame present in our diet.

Cerebrolysin by blocking these exitocins not only prevents damage, but also appears to help support and maintain neurons including: serotonin, choline (related to Acetylcholine) and noradrenaline, thus treating and preventing the occurrence of alzhiemer’s disease.

As cerebrolysin (or CRB) appears to also affect synaptic responses in the hippocampus - the region of the brain responsible for functions of memory, cerebrolysin autism treatment has also been proven and studied in many of the clinical trials involving autistic and dyslexic patients. In over 80 clinical trials with over 5000 patients with mild to moderate cases of the condition, using cerbrolysin was found to significantly improve cognitive powers. Since cerebrolysin is derived from natural ingredient cerebrolysin side effects are from very few to nil.

Cerebrolysin dosage is about a 5ml ampoule injected either in the muscle or in the vein each day for 5 days, then repeated for a period of 4 weeks. The cycle is repeated after a short break of two month treatment period.

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