Who wouldnt love a glossy and glittering ceramic kitchen tile countertop? We all wanted clean, tidy and well-arrange kitchen particularly a glistening kitchen tile countertops and backsplashes. But through the years with the non-stop usage of our kitchen and its countertops, the tiles would eventually wear off because anything in this world depreciates. It would at least lasts longer than expected if we know how to take care of our stuff.

For ceramic kitchen tile countertop molds and mildew are common and unsightly kitchen mess, whether we want it or not, sooner or later it will surely pile up on our kitchen tile countertops. This is truly awful and disgusting sight which can leave an impression to the people who can see it that we are an untidy and messy kind of person. To avoid such reputation we better clean it up one way or another we are also maintaining the glittering surface of our ceramic kitchen tile countertop.

How do we do it? We have to see to it that we will clean up the mess we have created, wipe it with a damp cloth when we are through using our countertops. In order that molds and mildew will not stick on the edges and sides of the kitchen tile we have to brush it mildly so that the surface wont get scratched.

If by chance mildew and molds are already clinging into the side of the tiles then baking soda is the best cleaning agent to use. If ever there is no baking soda inside the house vinegar can be a substitute.

What are we going to do after? Initially, we have to wet our kitchen tile countertop to make the mildew and molds loosen up making it easier to remove. Place baking soda on our brush and gently scrub the edges where mildew and molds are building up. When we are done with the brushing rinse it with water then wipe it dry. Do not use any acidic cleansing compound as it will just destroy the luster of the ceramic kitchen tile not unless there is a stubborn residue that will stick on the tile which can not be cleaned up with the use of the baking soda or vinegar.

Given all of these ideas, why dont you try using it now?

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