In these times of penny-pinching times of consumer frugality, what happens when your furniture starts to show those damming signs of aging; the sagging cushions, the thread-bare fabric over the arms?

Expensive to buy, new furniture isn't always an option for some - but why even entertain the idea? Homeowners have a tendency to get attached to their furniture possessions and - even when new replacements arrive - are somewhat loath to give them up. So why not think about taking those worn sofas and chairs to an upholsterers, and save yourself all that time, energy and money in looking for a new suite?

When (or if) you're looking for an upholsterer it's important to go to a company with plenty of experience; a company that's worked with every type of fabric-covered home accoutrement. Able to transform your dull and tired sofas, a skilled upholsterer can work magic, transforming items back to their original glory.

Professional upholstery in Edinburgh

Specialising in some of the very best upholstery in Edinburgh, Central Upholstery are a company with over 60 years' combined experience. With a skilled and highly experienced team, they're able to restore, repair or re-upholster your leather or fabric furniture to the highest standards - they'll look showroom new!

Central Upholstery have a fantastic range of fabrics, vinyls and leathers available, which means that no matter your upholstery tastes or furniture style, there's something for any taste - so if you've decided you'd like a different colour leather on your wingback to match your new dining room decor, Central Upholstery can help.

Find out more about the upholstery services from Central Upholstery and visit them online. See those pieces of furniture look as good as the day they were bought with the best upholstery in Edinburgh.

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Do you need an upholsterer Glasgow or the best repairs for upholstery Edinburgh can offer? Visit to see how over 60 years of combined experience can restore furniture to showroom standards.