Cenforce comes in blue pill also sometime termed as blue viagra pill, very effective and treats men’s impotence and erectile dysfunction conditions. Cenforce is very popular medicine in USA.

Cenforce contains Sildenafil Citrate as an active component which is an PDe5 enzyme helps blood to increase blood flow into penis so that one can have enough erection at time of sexual intercourse.

Improve your performance in bed with Cenforce 100 / Cenforce 200. Sometime Cenforce is to be termed as “Good bed time sex pill” so one can have full fantasy and sexual pleasure by taking this blue magic pill.

Basically Cenforce starts working within 30–60 minutes before taking it and last up-to 2 hours of time. So Cenforce works same as Viagra and also it is called Safe Generic Viagra Pill, as it has approved by FDA.

Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200 this both pills are very effective in treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotence conditions in male adult health.

If you have any allergic conditions while taking sildenafil or cenforce then you should consult to your doctor while having it.

Cenforce can be taken without meals and you can swallow Cenforce with full glass of water. Do not consume Cenforce with alcohol or with high fat meals as it can cause some major health problems.

Cenforce is safe viagra pill and many of them are getting better results in getting proper erection.

Erection is one of major problem that occurs due to stress, over limit of alcohol consumption, smoking addiction, or reaching at age of 48 to 60’s as of hormone changes in your body structure.

Cenforce is OTC medicine so if one can have prescription can buy it easily.

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