Let’s use for the purpose of this lesson, this definition of God. God is not a particular being, there is nothing religious about God. God simply is a name given to a thing so that we can refer to that thing in conversation for the purposes of increasing our knowledge. God is that thing that is the source of all things in existence. You can call it the great cosmic creator, but that would be somewhat cumbersome, and the name god has been used so much that it is simply the easiest name to use.

Since there is one thing that is the cause of all things, then no matter what you call something, you are referring to that which created it. You can say, tree, horse, wood, metal, person. But you could also say finger, hand, foot, and be referring to the person to whom they belong. When you talk of the parts, you are still referring to the whole that they belong to. So no matter what you are talking about, you are talking about just another part of God. This is why the Taoists say that what can be named is not the Tao, the Tao goes by all names. So every thing that we have so many names for, really all only have one name, God. And God, which we refer to by this one name, actually can be called by every name of every thing in every language.

If we could see the cause of the effects, all things in existence being effects of that which created the material universe, then we could see what we are in relation to that same cause. With that said, let us begin.

In our bodies the cells multiply and the body grows, and then decays, but the soul continues, the essence does not die. The same with God. The Universe is the body, so to speak, of God. He created all things, all things are therefore a part of God. To say that there is God and God is all things is not to say that there is separation between all things and God, in the same way as my body created teeth, fingers, legs and hair continually grows, but yet the parts are all me. The body is one being, the hands and legs are not separate from the body, and so all things are not separate from God.

As our body grows and decays, new cells are constantly forming and cells are dying, but the whole continues. We could see each person, tree or even planet as cells in the body of God. They grow and die, but the body, the life, does not die.

As things appear to die in our eyes, they do not die, but like anything that appears to die, it transformed into food for some other being. That food, when eaten, is converted into energy for that other being to continue and create other matter. So matter is never destroyed, nothing really dies, it is only transformed. The body of god, the material universe, as compared to our human body, is constantly growing and decaying to allow for new growth. Growth and decay are changing states, nothing is destroyed.

Let the mind follow the thought that all in existence is just part of one body, one being. As in our body, each cell is individual and has the memory, DNA of the whole being, so is every thing a part of God. By our becoming conscious of the whole of which we are a part, we become that whole and conscious of everything in it.

Try this meditation. Think of one of the cells in your body. When you become one cell, think of the life that cell leads, who it associates with, what it thinks, what it does, and with whom. Its friends and family, its parent cell, its offspring. Let your mind take you wherever it will, do not guide it with thought, rather follow what thoughts come to your mind.

When you finish the meditation, do not get up, do not change your place, but let your mind think and wonder about you being a cell in a larger body and try to find what that body is and is about, what cell are you, what is your part in this giant body.

With these thoughts that you can let float in your mind throughout the day, a new way of perceiving things may come up. This is valuable in your search for truth. Since the truth is that somehow we are all connected, we can accept that intellectually, but these thoughts will make that a real experience. And then when you feel it rather than think it, your inner vision will begin to open.

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