It’s hard enough dealing with unseen, toxic energy while living a quiet life, especially if you’re spiritually sensitive. Lost souls and dark energy are everywhere, thus it’s important to periodically clear the spiritual debris and protect yourself. Most people would benefit from a Spiritual Detox.

For celebrities, the problem is compounded because they’re targets for attention, both wanted and unwanted, and energy (or vibes or however you would like to view it), both positive and negative. Most don’t know how to remove bad energy and protect themselves, or even that they need to.

For example, performers on stage routinely report feeling uplifting energy from the audience, but are also susceptible to lost souls and dark energy; the audience members can’t rush the stage and join the performer, but lost souls and dark energy certainly can and do. Add drugs and alcohol to the mix, before, during, or after a performance, and performers are even more vulnerable to problematic energy.

The partying lifestyle seems to go hand-in-hand with fame. Those who use in “moderation” also open themselves up to negative energy, and even celebrities who don’t use drugs or abuse alcohol can be a target, even from thousands of miles away.

Please note: We’re not implying that a Spiritual Detox would completely cure anyone, or that demons, lost souls, and negative energy are the only cause of problems. However, we’ve found in our empirical research that it’s almost always an important part of the equation that most people miss.

Celebrities who need a Spiritual Detox:

This famous TV actor was in the news in late 2015 for his many sexual escapades, heavy drug use, and being diagnosed as HIV+. Having HIV doesn’t indicate one needs a Spiritual Detox, but heavy drug use and sex with 100s of people absolutely does.

This former supermodel from the 90s has a bad reputation for an anger problem and throwing things. That might be related to her allegedly using a lot of cocaine in the 90s, which will attract demons like bees to honey.

She is world famous for her acting, her biological and adopted children, her marriage to another famous actor, and alleged drug use in her youth. She might be free of dark energy she picked up in her partying years, but just to be safe, we feel she would benefit from a Spiritual Detox.

He played for the NBA and was married to a famous reality star, but drug and alcohol problems fueled a downward spiral that almost ended his life. He’s lucky to be alive, but rumor has it he might be relapsing. We’d love to see him kick the habit and demons, which are related.

She’s the daughter of one of the most famous performers in history, and proved her star power by winning an Academy award, Emmy, a Tony, two Golden Globe awards, and more. Her mother died from drug and alcohol abuse, and people have whispered for years about her following in her mother’s footsteps. Many say she’s a genuinely nice person. We’d love to see her cast away the dark energy that has likely been around her since childhood so she can fully enjoy her remaining years.

She’s known as one of rock’s superstars. Cocaine and prescribed tranquilizers caused her to lose a lot of years in the 80s, but she kicked her addictions and looks to be living a happy life. She’d likely still benefit from a Spiritual Detox to clear any remaining energy from her partying years.

About 10 years ago this pop singer, dancer, and mother of two had a meltdown. She managed to turn things around and now looks to be happier and more successful than ever. But we suspect she’s more spiritually sensitive than average (which likely contributed to her problems years ago), so she would greatly benefit from a regular Spiritual Detox.

Other famous people who would benefit from regularly clearing their energy field:

-- Celebrities and politicians who are the subject of controversy or frequent verbal attacks
-- Celebrities who experience depression, anxiety, or stage fright
-- Celebrities who are involved with people who use drugs or abuse alcohol

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