We all love or hate celebrities. For us, they are always being a different species in a lot of ways. We want to know as much as possible about them. Although it shouldn’t be a surprise for us, they are just like us. They have flaws, weird interests, and a life outside of their work field. No matter what the celebrities age is, they try to do something unusual in their free time or better to say they too have a hobby.

You will be surprised to know that they have bizarre and unexpected hobbies which are sometimes even very sweet. Let’s check out what our favorite people do in their free time.

Julia Roberts Knitting Hobby

Knitting has always been associated with a granny or a pregnant woman weaving cute booties for her child. But believe it or not, the Pretty Woman star is also famous in the knitting community. She is so passionate about it that she has inspired her other fellow actors to knit as well. Well, at least it’s a productive hobby. Who could say no to a sweater right?

Katy Perry’s Hobby of collecting celebrity hair

Spoiler alert! A weird and creepy hobby is coming up! Katy Perry is obsessed with collecting other celebrities’ hair. In an interview, she admitted this hobby and told us that she used to keep Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift hair locks in her purse. She also said she knows it’s really creepy but still awesome. Whatever rings her bell!

Brad Pitt’s hobby of Pottery

We all have heard the term of getting your hands dirty for once in a while. Well, Brad Pitt never mind this at all as his favorite pastime is pottery. This sounds like a sweet enough hobby but the cherry on the top is he also drags his pal Leonardo Dicaprio along with him and together they make sculptures. A fun way to spend a guy’s night right?

Paris Hilton's Hobby of Frog hunting

Capturing frogs near the pond is everyone’s favorite childhood memory but not a hobby that anyone would do in his or her adult life. Paris Hilton doesn’t agree to this as she still loves to do this. In an interview, she told us about her this bizarre hobby. She has ranched in Oakland California and Nevada and she also owns an island. She goes there whenever she gets a chance and do frog hunting. She insisted that they were not harmed at all. She just catches them and puts them in a bucket and then lets them go.

Beyoncé’s hobby of Honey Making

The famous musician Beyoncé has an unusual hobby of honey making. In an interview, she shared with us that her both daughters Blue and Rumi have severe allergies. Since honey has lots of healing properties so she decided to make her honey. Now she owns two beehives with almost 80,000 bees and she makes hundreds of honey jars in just a year. What a finger-licking sweet and unusual hobby!

Nicole Kidman’s Hobby of Skydiving

The World’s one of the highest-paid actresses is an adrenaline junkie! Nicole Kidman loves to skydive. She tells in an interview that it is the closest thing to flying and she has a skydiving license as well. She also encourages other women to try it as well.  

Johnny Depp Collects limited-edition Barbie dolls

One would never think of associating Barbie dolls with Johnny Depp but he happens to be quite a big fan. What started as a collection for the love of his daughter, now became a hobby. While playing with his daughter, he used to test out the different voices of the characters. He has a big collection of dolls and not just any Barbie doll, he collects limited edition dolls. His daughter stopped playing but apparently, he does not.

Angelina Jolie Hobby of Collecting Daggers

The Lara Croft actress Angelina Jolie turned out to possess some assassin energy as she collects daggers. She told in an interview that when she was 11 or 12 years old, her mother bought her first dagger. Since then she collects daggers. Her collection contains many Darrel Ralph-balisongs, handmade butterfly knives, and others that worth almost a fortune. We don’t know the exact amount of her collection but sources say that it is really impressive. She also told in her interview that she had already purchased her son Maddox a few knives. She takes him to a special shop. She talks with him about samurais, defense, and almost everything. Now, this hobby doesn’t surprise us much!

Penelope Cruz hobby of collecting coat hangers

Now it's time to move towards a bizarre one. Penelope is fond of collecting coat hangers in different sizes and shapes. She even admitted that she has over 500 coat hangers. Now what she does with so many hangers if she doesn’t use them to hang her massive designer wardrobe?


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