Get ready for this upcoming Easter which is one of the most significant religious ceremonies in Christiandom. After the crucifixion of Jesus on Friday (which is commemorated as Good Friday in the Christian community) Easter Sunday is observed on the following Sunday to commemorate his resurrection. This time, Easter is on March 31, 2013. The celebration of this festival extends far beyond church premises.
Since the origin of Easter, it is a ceremony of celebration and feasting and it is a Christian tradition to celebrate Easter as a family get-together. So, prepare your Easter holiday accordingly to celebrate the day in a memorable way. Here are some tips and advice for Easter holiday planning.
• Before Easter Sunday, get gifts for your family members (especially if there are children in your family) which may include seasonal costumes, chocolates, toys or any other gifts that can act as a souvenir for them. Don’t forget about the Easter bunnies because very few Christians can imagine celebrating Easter without Easter eggs and bunnies.
• Clean every corner of the home and decorate it beautifully before the Easter dawn breaks in.
• Your Easter morning must always start with attending mass in church. On Easter, there is a church mass which starts early morning (many churches have a sunrise mass as well). Attend this pristine and pious sunrise mass which is followed by prayer and other church services.
• If you have children, Easter egg hunting is an important part of this day. This is a very funny and enjoyable game for children of all ages. Organize this Easter game for all the children in the neighborhood and let them enjoy the day to the fullest. Also offer chocolates, candies or other small gifts to all those children who are successful in finding the Easter eggs. This can be a really fun game for both adults and children.
• Easter egg hunting has a symbolic meaning. The giving of Easter egg symbolizes the new life within an egg. For Easter egg hunting; you need a huge number of Easter eggs which are painted in different colors, patterns and designs. Engage yourself in painting and coloring the Easter eggs.
• You can also participate in other social programs and activities which are organized in your neighborhood for Easter celebration. Along with egg hunting, you can also include egg basket hunting. Hide the eggs or egg baskets at different places and let the children discover those.
• With all these celebrations, don’t forget to enjoy a nice Easter picnic with your family members as this is an important day in every traditional Christian family. Invite your friends and relatives for a grand lunch or dinner.
• You can plan a short holiday trip to some beautiful place this Easter holiday with your family to celebrate this festival in a new way.
However, amidst all these celebrations, always remember the work and words of Jesus along with his sacrifice and forgiveness. Enjoy everything that you do and dedicate this day to your family to bring you closer to them.

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