The task of installing a ceiling fan may seem easy, at first. But the truth is, it is far from it! You need to maintain extra care when installing it and possibly avoid these 5 common blunders which most homeowners commit when DIY-ing.

Blunder 1:- Beginning Without Properly Measuring Your Ceiling & Its Slope

The first step is to determine the right height of the ceiling fan complementing the ground and the ceiling. You can measure the ceiling slope to achieve the right hanging height suited to your space and needs.

Many homeowners start the installation work without getting a proper measurement of their ceiling and slope. Don’t make this mistake.

Blunder 2:- Not Removing The Old Electrical Box Prior To Installing.

When checking the ceiling for its exact place of installation; if you find that there aren’t any power accessories like an electric box, then you will have to opt for other alternatives. Your aim should be to remove any old electrical box existing in the ceiling prior to hanging the ceiling fan according to your specific requirements.

If it is too much to do on your own, then you can contact reputed installation specialists to do the task for you.

Blunder 3:- Forgetting To Switch Off The Electrical Mains At The Time Of Installation.

During a ceiling fan installation; you will have to work with electrical wires. More specifically; you will have to join the fan wires with your home wiring set-up. Now the mistake many make is accessing the electrical mains without remembering to turning it off. 

Notable ceiling fan installation specialists serving in Ipswich suggests checking whether the power supply is still passing or not. You can use a tester to confirm this. It will ensure you complete the installation properly without risks of getting an electrical shock.

Blunder 4:- Possessing Limited Electrical Accessories & Tools In Your Arsenal.

If you have never done this before; you may have no idea what kind of accessories or tools you will need for proper installation. Most homeowner attempt to install their ceiling fan with the help of whatever basic tools and accessories they possess. But never bodes well for anyone and increases the risks of your ceiling fan collapsing totally. 

So regardless of whatever tools you possess- don’t make this common mistake. Look to obtain all premium quality accessories and tools to achieve the best installation result.

Blunder 5:- Improper Installation Of The Fan Brace.

One thing to remember is that every accessory of the fan is important for its proper installation- including its screws, bolts and even its braces. If you miss out on any accessory, it could lead to improper installation and a wobbly working ceiling fan.

To save time, many homeowners wrongly install the fan brace with whatever tools they possess, thus resulting in improper installation. You can go through PDF tutorials available online to get a proper idea about both about the installation to go about it properly. Or you can take the easy way and hire quality fan installation experts serving in Brisbane to take care of it.

Keep these installation blunders in mind when attempting to DIY. However; you can simply hire professional ceiling fan installation experts in Brisbane to do it on your behalf. Having installed so many ceiling fans of different models for their previous clients, they will be happy to help you out.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a part of a team of ceiling fan installation specialists serving in Ipswich and catering to all specific installation requirements. The author also sends out quality fan installation experts in Brisbane suburbs to offer tailored services.