When it comes to cooling a home there are several ways to do it. Air conditioners play an important role in maintaining the room temperature during summertime. But ceiling fans are a budget-friendly way of cooling a home and staying comfortable during summers in India.

Like any other home appliances, ceiling fans also come with advantages and disadvantages. Read through the article to learn the pros and cons of ceiling fans.

Advantages of ceiling fans

1. The first important benefit of using ceiling fans is that they are the cheapest way of cooling a home in hot regions like India. Ceiling fans do not take up any place as they are fixed to the roof of a room.

2. Ceiling fans in a way enhance the decor of a room. Ceiling fans in India are available in different styles, colors, and patterns. Ceiling fans are a reliable investment as they consume less electricity than an air conditioner. Using ceiling fans reduces the power bill.

3. Ceiling fans are a great alternative source of cooling a place where there are frequent power cuts. Ceiling fans can run on battery backup.

4. Ceiling fans help reduce room temperature by four to five degrees. It can be installed anywhere in a home irrespective of the size or dimension. Ceiling fans circulate the air by pushing the breeze down and helps in cooling the skin.

5. The best part of ceiling fans is that they can be installed outdoors. Ceiling fans are the only reliable cooling option to keep the outdoor areas like patio, porch cool and comfortable during hot seasons.

Disadvantages of ceiling fans

1. The one biggest disadvantage of installing a ceiling fan is that they are noisy. A modern ceiling fan in good condition may be silent but over time they get noisy as blades move and screws loosen.

2. Most ceiling fans come with a light attached. The worst part of the ceiling fan with light is that they are not bright.

3. Ceiling fans cannot be installed in a room that has low height clearance. Before installing a ceiling fan in an area that has low height clearance check the height of the people living. Usually, individuals with over six feet find it difficult to move around in a low height area when the ceiling fan is installed.

4. Ceiling fans need care frequently. You need skilled labor to check and maintain the screws, blades and other parts of it.

5. The last important disadvantage of installing a ceiling fan is that they are difficult to maintain. Since a ceiling fan is fixed to the roof you need a ladder or a step stool to clean it. In comparison to a table fan or other cooling appliances, cleaning a ceiling fan is tough and time-consuming.

Bottom line

Ceiling fans are no doubt a cheap way to cool a room. But make sure to tighten the screws of a ceiling fan regular to avoid accidents.

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