Everything in life has a purpose. Nothing we ever do is worth anything if it is without purpose. Some things are really important. Some, not so much. They are just to give us a sense of happiness and satisfaction. But even so, that purpose of achieving happiness is also really important.

One such really important thing in life is our Job, our Career. All of our initial life, our education, our talents. We hone them just to build a successful career. Many people start working at it at a really early at it. Those are the people who are blessed with a very fixed goal from the start. While many just go along with their education and see how it turns out.

Whatever the case may be, I think there are two purposes for having a successful career. First is obviously money. Many say money is not important, it cannot buy you happiness. Well, i think it really is. Sure money can buy you happiness. The Sony PlayStation that gives a child so much happiness is bought from money. Or a simple cigarette a person smokes that gives them a few moments of satisfaction is bought from money. The one thing you cannot buy from money is love. But if you have love in your life, I think money is really important to keep them happy and safe.

The other purpose of having a successful career is satisfaction. One can never be happy just sitting around in the house all day. No matter how lazy a person may be, one day will come when sitting around will be just too much and he/she will want to do something in their life. Something worth doing. Something that makes them and others around them happy.

There are only 24 hours in a day and one cannot always do what he wants for fun and something else for money. Balancing the two can get quite difficult. That is the reason people try to do what they love for money. So they are interested in it and can take care of their financial situations simultaneously.

One such career choice for many nowadays is Engineering. Becoming an engineer is a trend these days. Many are attracted to the idea of building something new. Many just think its cool and follow it. I myself am quite fascinated by it. The idea of creating something new every day is quite fascinating to me.

But with such a large number of people opting for engineering, there is also an increase in competition. Of course, there is competition in everything. But with the recent popularity gained by the career option, day by day it is becoming difficult for young and budding engineers to get great jobs. Many aren't satisfied with what they have. Many have just been stuck in the same field for soo long and need a change.

Whatever the case may be, I say it is never a good option to force anything. If you aren't interested in something, then just don't do it. Go for something you really want to do. I know just saying this is easy and it is very difficult to do in practice. But if you really want to do something, you will find a way to do it.

Well, luckily for engineers, there a new market brewing up. Yes, and that location is Australia. Engineers from all over the globe are migrating to Australia for engineering jobs, and the beautiful nation is gladly accepting them all. The only thing they require first is your CDR i.e. a Competency Demonstration Report. This is a set of documents the Engineers Australia requires before granting you the engineering job of your choice in Australia.

I think it is a really fair way to judge engineers on their skills and experience, in a world where sadly the meaning of knowledge has just summed up to theoretical learning. But even so, it is not easy to write a CDR and many great engineers have failed to write an acceptable CDR despite being great engineers. So it is highly recommended that you take professional help in writing a CDR report.

But once you draft a perfect CDR and get it approved by the Engineers Australia, your doors to your dream job in Australia are open.

So don't kill yourself slowly at a job you hate. Love yourself wholely at a job that satisfies you.

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Vipul Agrawal handles content marketing for CDR-Report.com.