Combining robust expertise and years of experience, the US-based company CD Formulation further strengthens its role as a contract service provider for pharmaceutical companies in a recent statement.

Though the service portfolio of CD Formulation is far-ranged and nearly covers the whole process of drug formulation, encompassing pre-formulation, formulation, drug analysis, solubility improvement and bioavailability enhancement, packaging, drug delivery system development, one-stop pharmaceutical formulation solution as well as the custom synthesis of pharmaceutical excipients, the company states that its expertise and competence mainly focus on the following aspects:

Before the start of dosage form development, much fundamental work needs to be done to investigate the physical and chemical properties of a drug substance. The pre-formulation service provided by CD Formulation includes Crystallinity Determination, Amorphous Content Determination, Hygroscopicity Evaluation, Particle Size Analysis, Moisture Content Determination, Solubility Analysis, API-Excipient Compatibility, API Physical & Chemical Characterization, Dissolution Rate Test, Solid State Characterization of APIs, Powder Flowability Test, Forced Degradation Studies, Drug Formulation and Packaging Compatibility, Determination of Contact Angle of Pharmaceutical Excipients, and Long-Term Accelerated Shelf-Life Testing.

Drug analysis
Drug analysis is of crucial importance in drug development and GMP manufacturing. The following items should be tested to ensure the quality of the drug and whether it meets the regulatory requirements: Disintegration Test, Dissolution Test, Tablet Hardness Test, Tablet Fragility Test, Elemental Impurities Analysis, Residual Solvents Test, Dosage Units Uniformity Test, Bioavailability/ Bioequivalence Detection, Microbial Limits Test, Particulate Matter Test, Extractables & Leachables Test, Pharmaceutical Formulation Characterization Testing, Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing, Bacterial Endotoxin Testing, Disinfection Efficacy Testing, Heavy Metal Testing Services in Pharmaceuticals, Refractive Index Detection Test, and Analysis of Nitrosamine Impurities.

Solubility Improvement and Bioavailability Enhancement Services
To improve the solubility and bioavailability of drugs, CD Formulation has developed a range of technologies and formulation services such as API Physical Modification, API Chemical Modification, Encapsulation Techniques, Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex Service, Make Phospholipid Complex Service, and Self-emulsifying Drug Delivery System Service.

Drug Delivery System Development Services
The wise choice of drug delivery systems not only helps to improve the therapeutic effect of drugs, but also helps to guarantee that only minimal adverse effects would occur. Below are the technologies applicable to developing the most appropriate drug delivery systems: Microneedle Technology, Oral Thin Films Technology, Transdermal Patches Drug Delivery System, Microencapsulation Technology, Nanoparticle Development for Drug Delivery System, Microparticle Depots Design and Development, Microsphere Technology Development, Multiparticulate System Formulation Development, and GalNAc (N-acetylgalactosamine) Coupling Modification.

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Being innovative and science-driven, CD Formulation is at the forefront of contract research and always applies the latest science and technology to the pharmaceutical industry. All of its CRO services are carried out in concerted efforts to advance the global medical business. Up till now, a comprehensive range of drug pre-formulation, formulation, and analytical services are readily available at CD Formulation.