CBSE Notes

Preparing the right kind of CBSE notes is one of the most essential ingredients for scoring good marks in the final examinations. In order to gain the maximum out of this revision activity, it is very important for students to adopt the right technique for preparing the CBSE notes.

While preparing the CBSE notes students should keep in mind a few essential points to increase the overall relevance of their notes.

• While preparing the CBSE notes students should take into account three vital points i.e. identify that which is important in the chapter, assess the current knowledge levels and try to fill the existing conceptual gaps. Rather than being a word-to-word reproduction of the major points from the chapter, the CBSE notes should be a customized document that briefly covers all the essential highlights and also helps in optimizing the understanding of the topic.

• Efforts should be made to prepare the CBSE notes in such a manner that they are a complete resource in itself. Apart from being comprehensive, enough care should also be taken to keep the CBSE notes brief.

• The CBSE notes should be prepared in accordance to the preferred learning style. Learning styles can be defined as the preferred mode of learning for an individual that accelerates the pace of understanding. For example for a visual learner, components like illustrations, mind maps etc. will make understanding easy and fast. Therefore, a student should prepare the CBSE notes as per the learning style that suits them the best. CBSE notes prepared as per the learning style can increase the efficacy of these revision notes manifold.

While preparing and revising from the CBSE notes students often commit some common mistakes. In order to optimize the benefits from CBSE notes, students should aim to avoid such mistakes. Here are some pointers that you may keep in mind to avoid making silly mistakes:

Last minute exercise! While planning the study schedule, students typically only focus on completing the syllabus within the available time and do not allocate time for the essential revision exercise. With less or no time in hand for revision, preparing the vital CBSE notes takes a back seat for students. Keeping in mind the benefits of preparing CBSE notes, students should prepare and plan their study schedule in such a manner that they do not miss out on preparing the indispensable CBSE notes. If students are experiencing a time crunch, instead of completely skipping this exercise of preparing revision notes, students should instead seek help from readymade revision notes available on various websites.

Keep a check on your watch! Either students do not prepare these CBSE notes for revision and on occasions when they do, they tend to spend an excessive amount of time on preparing such notes, leaving them with little or no time for memorizing key points. Therefore, it is advised that students manage their time effectively while revising from the revision notes.

Avoid over-revising! While preparing for the final examinations students usually get stressed out and start panicking as the examination date draws near and the preparation seems far from complete. In order to compensate such extreme emotions, some students tend to over-revise from their CBSE notes. Extreme exam anxiety such as this may also create a state of mental block and result in reduced recall leaving the student even more stressed. During such a situation, it is important for students to relax and stop studying for some time. They should resume their revision from the CBSE Notes only after they feel relaxed and refreshed.

I am positive that if all you students out there keep all these essential points in your mind while preparing and revising from the CBSE notes, learning will become fun and scoring good marks will be easy.

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