Considered as the most luxurious dish in the world, caviar also possesses many unexpected beauty uses and these are 10 interesting things that make this natural mother "black pearl" dish. You should spend time reading more useful information.

What is Caviar?

Caviar - خاگ‌آ (Khag-avar) is the name for a type of fish eggs with a very strange salty taste and crispy, the sound of snapping when diners enjoy Persian origin. The main material to create Caviar is the "bags" of unfertilized eggs of sturgeon. Depending on the fishing area, the taste of Caviar will have many different points. Specifically, the TOP 3 of the most expensive and delicious Caviar types on the planet can be mentioned from high to low: Caviar Beluga (in the Caspian sea area - south of Russia) - Caviar Ossetra - Caviar Sevruga.

How to distinguish caviar from other types of caviar

Caviar is a premium caviar with sparkling black color, separate pellets. Meanwhile, the red salted eggs that often appear on sushi plates called Tobiko are the eggs of the flying fish. Salmon eggs are also used in many places and they are often orange or red in color and larger in size.

Caviar: expensive fish eggs sliced

Dubbed as the black pearls of the ocean, to enjoy a true and classy Caviar scoop, diners will definitely have to spend a pretty big amount, about 1000 - 6000 USD / kg depending on quality and large and small of each "egg". Depending on the time, Caviar can also fluctuate up to about 210 million VND / kg and in Vietnam, each plate 20g Caviar costs about 1 million.

Because the price is too "overwhelming", so in Russia and many other Western countries, Caviar is considered a luxury dish only to serve kings, nobles and has the same value as yachts villa or plane. Therefore, if you want to try, you can buy caviar online.

The origin of the dish has a silver price

One of the most important thing when is its price.

- The reason that caviar has such a high price, the deep reason can only be from the following 4 reasons:

- Of the 26 types of sturgeon, only about 4-5 types produce delicious eggs.

- In order to be able to harvest about 100kg Caviar in the 120-year life of a sturgeon, it takes 20 years to form an "egg organism".

- Great culinary demand leads to overexploitation, making sturgeon endangered.

- The complex processing process requires many skills, including: processing the fish's belly to remove the ovaries, separating the eggs with tweezers, salting in the golden ratio, moisturizing and canning.

How must Premium Caviar be served?

Because it is difficult to catch and harvest and is fragile and fragile, premium Caviar must be preserved and served even when cold. In Russia and some other Western countries, premium Caviar caviar is usually stored on crystal plates with mastic around, or containers made of mother-of-pearl, wood, gold, horn, and sometimes plastic. They rarely use silver or stainless metal - these are items that can affect Caviar's color and flavor.

The nutritional value of 1 tablespoon of Caviar can fully meet the needs of an adult

Not only is it expensive for its taste, but each spoonful of caviar caviar is also valuable for its nutritional value. According to leading experts, just enjoy one tablespoon of premium Caviar a day, you will be able to provide the body with all the necessary needs such as Vitamin B12, cholesterol and salt. There are also: Energy: 42 kcal, Fat: 2.86g, Carbohydrate: 0.64 g, Fiber: 0g, Protein: 3.94g, Sodium: 240mg, Cholesterol: 94mg, Zinc: 12.18mg.

Beauty effects from caviar

Besides the effect of health, one more reason which make people try to buy caviar online is beauty. According to experts in recent years, in addition to the inherent nutritional content, caviar caviar also brings very positive beauty effects, including: regenerating and stimulating Collagen, maintaining youth, repelling Signs of aging, retains moisture, increases resistance, tones and brightens skin. In addition, Caviar also helps anti-acne skin form, develop and recur, as well as reduce pigmentation very well including pigmentation, dullness, sunburn, giving you healthy, smooth and fluffy skin recovery.

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