Deliver Us From Evil is a new film about an NYPD cop who battles demons.

The film is based on events in the life of Sgt. Ralph Sarchie who retired as a decorated NYPD cop after 18 years of service. He now dedicates himself to demonology cases full time.

Some people are giving this movie a bad review because they wanted more special effects or because it wasn’t as scary as The Exorcist and other, similar movies. The main purpose of the movie, to help people understand that demons are a real and major problem in this world, is lost on them, unfortunately.

The screenwriter for the film watched real-life exorcisms related to Sarchie’s demonology work. Like most films on the subject, it highlights the most dramatic and obvious cases of possession.

Does that mean you’re free from dark energy as long as you aren’t levitating off your bed or speaking in tongues?

Unfortunately, no. Based on our work with Spiritual Detox and depossession for over 14 years, we want you to know that interference from dark and demonic energy is much more common and subtle than most people realize.

Here are seven less obvious examples of potential demonic influence:

1) You feel anger at the mention of anything related to God or religion. (Note: You don’t need to be religious to protect yourself from demons, but completely rejecting God or the Light will make you more vulnerable to them.)

2) Uncontrollable addictions, including, but not limited to, sugar, gambling, or sex. A person may be genetically predisposed to addiction and possession makes it worse.

3) Drastic, nasty personality changes while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

4) Intense disharmony between you and a relative, coworker, or ex, no matter how you try to repair the situation.

5) Depression, especially when you can’t shake it no matter what you do and feel like there’s a dark cloud over you.

6) Hearing voices, especially with negative messages.

7) Recurring nightmares, especially of being chased.

Skeptical? Sarchie says to those skeptical of his work or to the idea that demons exist, “It does not matter if you believe or not. You don’t have to believe in God. You don’t have to believe in the devil. It doesn’t withdraw you from this battle.”

“It’s definitely on the rise. I hate to say it,” Sarchie said in an interview. “As society pushes God out, no one can deny that that’s happening. There’s a good portion of society that just cannot stomach Jesus Christ and when I see that, I have to wonder where that hatred comes from.”

He also said that when someone sees what he’s doing and understands the battle between “good” and “evil,” the person is in a sense going back to God and, “...the Devil hates that.”

Just being more aware of the demon problem will help you avoid it.

Note: Sarchie believes that only priests trained in exorcism should remove demonic entities from people. We understand why he believes this since his experience with exorcism is from a religious viewpoint. However, it’s important to note that a traditionally religious exorcism is only one way to remove demons and dark energy. There are many spirit releasement experts who do very similar work with the help of legions of angels from the “other side.”

Now that you know more about how possession isn’t usually as obvious as in movies, this awareness will help you protect yourself and your loved ones from demons.

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