Emotional/Spiritual and Mental Blockage

And It's Metaphysical Explanation

In my years of studying illnesses and a passion to discover what are the possible causes of illnesses, I discovered a common theme, why some heal others do not.

I myself have healed many pesky hurts that were attacking my own body, like a soar shoulder, soar knee, a bad back, some I had for years and a few more.

I will not go into great details with the short story but you will understand what I want to share with you.

Remember this is the tip of the iceberg so to speak as this example only touches on my body pains but can definitely heal the most serious of all illnesses surrounding us today.

I have studied and seen thousands of deadly diseases healed by our shear thinking beliefs and habits.

Even though I know we can heal ourselves by faith-decision and being doubtless.

This is not replacing medical advice as it might be needed in life threatening circumstances. I am trying to share my studies and other options.

The difficulty is to be absolutely, energetically- doubtless and until one masters this art which can take years, months, days, or instantaneous.

I've lived instantaneous!

Here's the challenging part, I've warned you to seek medical advice simply because government would not accept this type of healing I am sharing with you now.

As a Professional Metaphysical Practitioner, although our studies are accepted by Washington DC education board, it seems strange we are not accepted yet for our methods of healing ... huuum!

One more note, I've just promoted doubt by sharing the above comments, so I ask you to be dedicated to be faithful, doubtless to heal oneself.

Fair enough, OK lets move on!

Short story ...

One of these pesky little hurts, was a cyst I had on my back for about 3 years.

I slowed down and examined what I was living on an emotional, spiritual and mental level and started looking as to why I had a cyst on my back.

Yes, I had finally found an answer of what really caused my cyst on my back, why because I was determined to heal.

I DECIDE to get rid of the cyst and in 3 weeks it was gone, healed.

I was carrying a family burden from the past, in which the burden became a cyst on my back.

It had to do with my moving away from people I truly loved because of a divorce and feeling guilty for 3 years I had done so. I really thought I had let go about this guilt feeling but I hadn't and it attached itself to my back as a burden. (cyst)

I tell the story in my eBook "Thinking is Everything"

Of course I was fascinated, but I had to DECIDE to get rid of it.

I have found through my studies, science, spirituality, serving people, representing employees and listening to people in different work industries ... much of our health issues seemed to be caused by how we think.

I believe many physical issues are what we ourselves manifest outwardly...

Manifest in a way of DIS-EASE ...

Which then causes DISEASE.

Yes of course there is more to it and much of it seems a mystery, doctors need science, people need faith and everyone has an opinion.

Yet we have thousands and even millions of people healing all over the world.

Again, I seek and hear testimonies from people who DECIDED they want to heal, only once they hear a doctors diagnosis there's nothing we can do for you.

How did they heal?

Could it be new beliefs, faith and new habits.

Most of the time outside opinions, TV, radio will sensationalize and here we go with our minds thinking the worst instead of thinking the best!

A lot of times, we are waiting for someone's approval.

In Metaphysics we believe in connecting with a ...

Higher Power "Within Us"




What's in your memory bank can be your most negative influence.

Metaphysical Health Insights in my Lifetime Coaching No-Ordinary Newsletters are simply giving the tools to examine what you are living on an emotional, spiritual and mental level at home, at work, and so forth.

In Essence ... Your Blockages.

Here's one example of few of hundred of Metaphysical Insights on what causes diseases to enlighten those who are searching for a possible solution.

I'm positive you'll relate and understand from this one example, maybe take a look at what you're living in your present moment situation and DECIDE YOU WANT TO HEAL NO EXCUSES, NO IF'S AND OR BUT'S!

What are you hanging on to?


Why do you want to hang on to it?


Metaphysical Health Insight (keep an open mind)

Diabetes … Most people that have diabetes are overweight, most. It is lack of insulin that is secreted by your pancreas. Your emotions are possibly imbalance in this area and are always in play with dis-ease.

While the pancreas is also linked to your solar plexus, it touches on your desires and intellect. Emotions run high and you have many desires for people around you including yourself.

Many times you envy others and what they have. May diabetics have a longing to be loved and are sad on the inside but it does not show on the outside. Diabetics are also very passionate and dedicate people and at the same time seem to demand much of themselves and of others. When others around them feel dissatisfied, they seem to blame themselves for it.

Much of their time is spent thinking mentally and always looking to meet their personal needs. Acknowledgement from others is lacking according to them and again feel sad inside, something is missing.

As many other dis-ease (s) it is difficult to let go of events in their lives so they happen in due time. In other words, they are trying to gain control. They try to make the ones closes to them happy and this puts a burden in them. They often want things they think the others want as bad as they want it.

Tomorrow isn’t here yet, to worry about it creates discomfort but in essence everything can only be done today. The past seems to be a burden also, I should of, I could of, haunts them because they were not fulfilled with their personal desires.

Here’s what they can do to start the healing, be grateful for all that is around you, all things, really live in the present moment and see the beauty that’s surrounds you. Start looking at the sun rays, the shadow it gives out, the rain, the wind, even the bugs on the ground and the real true beauty that life has to offer.

Roger N Quevillon, M.Msc

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