Are you experiencing body shaming on a daily basis? Tired of listening to those harsh remarks? Can’t figure out the exact reasons and the remedies for your overweight and the obesity? Well, this blog will definitely bring a twist in your boring and colorless life. First of all, we all need to accept our physical appearances as it is a gift from the god and we must be proud of it. However staying fit is the need of a healthy life. With those extra kilos, you will face many hassles in your everyday life.
Overweight and Obesity bring depression in life and affects one’s performance as well. For a hale and hearty body, you must achieve the balance of energy. The more you consume calories, the more workouts you need to do to for a successful Weight Loss. If the energy balance deviates, either you become underweight or you turn overweight and both the conditions are pretty harmful to your health. It is not just your Pizza or Coke that is welcoming the extra kilos. The scene is much bigger and you need to understand the causes of obesity and overweight comprehensively. The various causes of obesity and overweight have been mentioned below.
Inclination Towards Inactiveness – The modern lifestyle is a bane rather than a boon. The more comfort you buy to make your life easy, the more you crawl towards diseases. Be it the long corporate hours or constant television watching sitting at the same place for a long while; all the activities that restrict your activeness are the reason for you obesity.
The Obesity Encouraging Environment – The urbanization of the world is causing a lack of parks and playgrounds where people can easily spend few hours doing healthy workouts. The big fitness niche companies fascinate people to take their monthly subscriptions but due to the high prices and lack of leisure time, most people avoid such places and let their lives continue as it is. The increment in the junk food sectors is also a threat to obesity. Not only the children but also the young and middle-aged folks are falling in the traps and becoming addicted to the junk food that ultimately welcomes obesity.
Medical Issues – There are many medical issues that cause obesity even if you are an active and healthy food loving person. Thyroid and PCOS are the examples of such medical conditions. In such cases, it is not important that your whole body will suffer from obesity. The excess generation of certain hormones causes such medical issues.
Genetic Factors - Many times, even if you don’t eat much junk food or eat too much, you see the obesity ruling your body. How come this? Well, genes also play a vital role in encouraging obesity. If your parents have suffered from obesity, there is a huge probability that the same genes may hinder the fat-fighting capability of your internal system. Apart from the genes, if your family is a junk food addict or obsessed with food then there are lots of chances that you will carry on the legacy further.
The Age Factor – With age, people become less active and lose the capability to reduce fat at a faster rate. Health experts suggest lower intake after the 40s. In women, menopause also causes excess weight gain but it is not necessary in all the cases.
Insufficient Sleep – People who do night shift jobs, overtimes or are night-owls are at more risk of obesity. According to some medical researchers, sufficient sleep helps in burning the extra calories and keeps the Ghrelin and Leptin hormones balanced.
Pregnancy - Obesity or overweight condition is pretty normal during pregnancy. Well, this can’t be taken as a totally negative health condition as more calorie intake by a pregnant woman will help in the proper nutrition of the child. However, few basic workouts should be included in the regimen to avoid any further health risk due to obesity.

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Obesity is your enemy and you need to continue the combat against it. Obesity is the root of several severe health issues. From heart attack to high blood pressure or blood sugar issues happen due to the overweight condition. Stay active and eat healthy for a better life.