The trouble of hair loss is increasing in women and females are more stressed about their appearance. Although since long it was frequent to lose hair with age, of late even young women suffer from the problem of losing hair and it is of help to have a look at all the possible causes. Doctors say that ladies being more careful regarding their hair, use numerous chemicals on their scalps which weaken hair. Their hair also go through chemical hair colors, which as opined by the dermatologists, must be replaced by natural hair colors such as Henna.

Genetic issue

If the reason for hair loss is genetic it is pretty difficult to rectify it. But its influence can be decreased and delayed. Albeit the hair seems to be decreased, a lot of its roots are living and are able to produce hair once again.


Another major cause for hair fall is dandruff. If you are undergoing much of hair fall and you are suffering from dandruff as well, you need to take care to have profuse amount of water. A gently done massage on the scalp with nourishing oils, for example coconut oil or olive oil, along with a deep conditioner on day-to-day basis prior to sleeping for an entire week also is advantageous in treating dandruff. Dermatologists advocate a daily hair wash at the starting of the day with an antidandruff shampoo.


Stress is not only a cause of disorders like hypertension and heart-related troubles, but also for hair fall. As per dermatologists, stress is a chief reason of hair fall in females than in males, owing to the fact that unlike men, women cannot kick out stress and they keep it inside. This unfavorably influences their overall health and hair. An unexpected stressful event prevents hair follicles from growing, which afterwards enter a dormant status of approximately six to twelve weeks or even for a longer period. When these follicles are left uncured, they can be passive for lifetime.


Pregnancy is a phase during life of a woman which creates critical alterations in the body owing to hormonal changes. This surely influences hair as well in terms of excessive hair fall. During pregnancy numerous important components from the mother’s body are utilized by the baby. In these, nourishing elements such as calcium are essential for hair and so women face hair fall at the time of pregnancy. So, they have to take the advice of their physician about what can be done to counterbalance the nourishing elements and thus have their hair grown again.


Just like pregnancy, menopause is a state during life of a woman which produces critical hormonal transfromations and eventually hair loss. In menopause, amounts of both hormones estrogen and progesterone go down because of which hair on head is lost, and other facial hair grows. Doctors recommend a diet change in such cases by consulting one’s physician. Doctors may recommend a short-term treatment of estrogen if needed. Moreover, having enough green tea and foodstuff comprising of vitamin B6, reducing excessive pounds and having enough sleep is of tremendous help, as, the disorder of hair loss may be connected, in some or the other way, to incorrect style of living.

Tight hairstyles

Apart from the health problems within body, some particular outside problems also may deteriorate the complication of hair loss like wearing stretched hairstyles. Don’t wear ponytails, braids, hair weaves and tight hair rollers as, they pull your hair. Blow dryer can also be responsible for weakening the hair and may make it fall. So, while blow-drying, keep the temperature on cool mode.

Knowing the precise reason of your hair loss can be extremely helpful to correct your disorder. Get aware of the reason and resolve it properly, which can regain your hair.

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