Which is the best shampoo for hair loss? What does shampoo have to contain to stimulate our hair growth again? We hear a lot in the TV commercials, but the hair loss shampoos by Nisim is the best shampoo for hair loss because of its active ingredients.

Causes of Hair loss

One speaks of hair loss if more than 100 hairs fall out daily for a longer period. The most common form of hair loss in men is hereditary hair loss. Diffuse hair loss can also affect men (and also women) but only rarely makes hair loss in men lead to baldness. Usually, the hair on the back of the head becomes thinner or receding hairlines form.

These factors can cause hair to become thinner:

  • Hormonal, genetic predisposition (androgenetic alopecia)
  • Problems with the thyroid gland (hypofunction and hyperfunction)
  • Hair loss due to certain medications
  • Hair loss due to stress
  • Hair loss due to an unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, poor nutrition, lack of sleep,.)
  • Hair loss due to lack of nutrients (iron, zinc, vitamin B, biotin, vitamin C,…

Tips and remedies for hair loss

If you lose a lot of hair, various means can help you minimize hair loss. Which means these depend entirely on the cause of the hair loss?

Many people have the problem that hair falls out at a late age. However, there are also some cases where the hair falls out in middle age. In this case, special shampoos for hair loss can help and stimulate hair growth.

Find the best shampoo against hair loss

The best shampoos against hair loss, for example, should contain the active substance caffeine, as it protects the hair follicles from the DHT hormone that is responsible for hereditary hair loss in our body. For diffuse hair loss, doctors recommend hair loss shampoos by Nisim, because the hair urgently needs nutrients that our body has not been able to obtain due to today's malnutrition.

Nisim's shampoo against hair loss contains almost everything that a shampoo needs to combat hair loss. It also achieves the desired effect thanks to the active ingredient Monoxide, which stimulates the blood circulation in the hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

Hair loss and Menopause

Until menopause, the high proportion of estrogens protects the hair root of the woman. Due to the increasing amount of male hormones in the organism, the hair subsequently becomes thinner and falls out prematurely, making the scalp visible. Nisim's shampoo prevents hair loss during menopause and, at the same time, provides more volume.

Shampoo against hair loss in women

Shampoos against hair loss contain active ingredients such as caffeine or minoxidil and can stimulate hair growth again. The shampoos provide particularly thin hair in phases of hormonal change, such as after pregnancy or the menopause, with the essential nutrients for healthy hair growth. Women should not despair when their hair becomes thinner, or hair loss occurs. In the meantime, medical research has come a long way in developing remedies for hair loss.

A good shampoo against hair loss in women also supplies the hair root from the outside with vital vitamins and nutrients and thus helps to regain your beloved strong and shiny hair.

Shampoo against hair loss in men

Especially for us men, full hair is very important. If we suffer from hereditary hair loss, we are in the fight against hair loss day after day. However, with special shampoo against male pattern baldness, we can delay the baldness as long as possible.

I also recommend the Nisim's shampoo. The shampoo against hair loss is super easy to integrate into the daily grooming routine, and even if the effect requires some patience, using this shampoo every day gives us a good feeling.

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