Does your face turn very red when you are in a stressful situation? Do you feel blood immediately rushing on your cheeks when you are angered or anxious?Then you are experiencing extreme blushing. Facial blushing is a natural occurrence when one feels shy or embarrassed. But in your case, you might have uncontrollable blushing and may not find ways to reduce it. However, you can not control extreme facial redness unless you know what the causes are. So, what really causes your face to turn extremely red in any given circumstance?


This is the most common cause of facial blushing. Anxiety and stress trigger the blushing reflexes thus signaling blood to pull on the face resulting to excessive blushing. Anxiety can be reduced through breathing exercises. Since facial blushing is a psychological condition, it can be treated through controlled breathing and relaxation techniques. Knowing the stressful situations that activate your facial blushing should also be avoided or managed.


Situations that will stimulate your anger can also make your face turn red. This is a natural response when the temperature of the body goes up. It is also a signal for you to control your emotions and reactions. For you to deal with increased temperament, understanding what is happening will help you to deal with the situation. You can count to ten, breath in, or take a walk and not let your nerves get the best of you.

Lack of Exercise

Facial crimsonness is also due to poor blood flow in the body. Therefore regular exercise can help in increasing circulation and controlling excessive flow of blood on your cheeks. Be sure to warm up before and cool down after you exercise.


Food also plays a role in causing facial blushing so it best that you know what these foods are. Among the foodstuff that causes your face to blush are caffeine, hot drinks and spicy food, as well as alcohol and nicotine. Avoid these blush- triggering foods to reduce occurrence of facial flushing. In addition, keep track of the food you eat in a food diary to help you identify the foods you have to stay away from.

Knowing the causes of facial blushing is helpful in devising ways on how to deal with it. So when you recognize what triggers your face to turn red then you would know exactly how to avoid it from occurring.

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