8 - Your feelings
Your feelings play an important role in weight loss as when you are in good mood , your body works well but in case you are in bad mood ( stress ) there will be bad impacts on your body as stress leads to storing fat in your body as a result of making hormones which leads to gaining weight

Why you worry your self about something try to refresh your brain and it is advisable for you to do exercises when you feel stress or worried about any problem so that you can solve the problem and in the same time keeping your weight without any increase.

9 - Thirsty or hungry?
the biggest problem which we may not care about is (when you feel hungry is it areal feelings ? how can we make sure?.)

When you feel hungry , you should make sure by drinking a glass of water then if you find your self still hungry you can eat .

10 - Week end
Eating at the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) has a significant impact on weight loss as many of us don't care about what quantities of foods they eat at weekend which may leads to not losing weight so we can follow next advices to make our weekend without any problems for weight loss:-

1- It is advisable for you to weight your self every day or on Friday and Mon day to know if you you lose weight or gain weight during this week ? then you will be able to change your foods habits.

2- You should know that you have a free day every 15 days in which you can eat foods you don't eat during your diet plan so that you cant deprive you self from foods you like and in the same time not gaining weight

3- If you need to eat high quantities of foods that contain high calories at weekend, you should do exercises daily to burn those extra calories.

11- Good fats and weight loss
Eating foods which contain unsaturated fats plays an important role in weight loss as eating foods that contain unsaturated fats such as Salmon, almonds and Olive Oil has lots of benefits for weight loss such as :-

1- Helps to enhance brain development

2- Helps to enhance the growth of skin and hair

3- Enhances the health of bone

4- keeping our weight and health by increasing good HDL cholesterol and decreasing bad LDL cholesterol.

5- Makes you feel full faster which lead to not eating high amounts of foods so you should eat high quantities of foods that contain unsaturated fats.

12- Eating calcium
Eating foods which contain calcium is very important for weight loss as when you don't eat sufficient amounts of calcium(nearly 1,000 milligrams daily) your brain will increase your appetite to compensate the lack of calcium which lead to gaining weight .

Many Researchers have proved that overweight women who didn't eat the advised quantities of calcium(1000milligrams daily their Opportunities to lose weight become six times less than the Opportunities for women who followed a diet low in calories and eaten the advised quantities of calcium so it is advisable for you to eat at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium daily by eating next foods(milk,cheese and yogurt ).

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