1- Sleeping
How my sleep can affects my weight loss ?
when you don't get enough sleep or deprive your self from sleeping your weight loss will be affected with lots of problems such as :-
1- Slows your metabolic process.

2- Impacts the hunger hormones such as( ghrelin which main function is to energizes hunger becomes in high levels) and( leptin which informs your brain to stop eating becomes in low levels ) which lead to gaining weight.

Don't worry you can sleep without any problems just you should follow next things before going to sleep:

1- Avoid drinking (tea - coffee- cigarettes) as drinking these drinks cause anxiety which lead to not sleeping then not losing weight.

2- It is advisable for you to sleep early.

3- Make sure that you don't have any device works(mobile phone or laptop computer) so that you can sleep without any noise.

2- Eating snack foods
Eating snacks in large amounts as a result of hunger may be a reason for not losing weight so when you feel hunger becomes better for you to eat vegetables like cucumbers or tomatoes or you can eat fruits like apples or pears and it is advisable for you to drink a cup of water before every meal so that you can feel full faster and for along time which lead to not eating lots of foods then losing weight.

3- Fast foods
Due to our busy work program becomes difficult for us to cook or prepare foods at home so many of us concentrate on fast foods which contain high amounts of calories and fat and which cause gaining weight fast .

OK , what we can do to avoid eating fast foods and in the same time prepare healthy food?

of course you have one or two free days in which you can prepare meals for those days in which you don't have time to prepare foods

4- Time of eating
Eating late at night or before going to sleep directly leads to gaining weight as the food you eat needs energy and time nearly 3 hours to be burned which makes these foods turn into fat and extra calories then make you gain weight so it is advisable for you to eat dinner3 hours before going to bed and avoid eating foods that contain high amounts of fat or calories especially in your dinner.

5- Doing diet alone
In some times when you follow a diet you may feel bored or may lose your motivation then you need some one may be your friend who will motivate you to continue your diet without feeling bored.

6- Your goal
If you want to lose weight you should first put your goal(which you can achieve) towards your eyes , put a plan to achieve it and then follow this plan by doing all these steps you will be motivated in all levels of your diet plan until you succeed to lose weight.

7-Your age
When advancing in age (after age 35 years) many changes occur in our body:

1 - We lose muscle.

2 - Slow metabolic process especially if we stop exercises .

3 - Increase the accumulation of fat in the stomach area and hips as a result of the change in hormones in our body.

Many research have proved that people(after age35) who Care about healthy eating habits( becomes the the opportunity to gain weight 2.4 times less than people who don't care about eating habits).

Then what people(after age35)should do to avoid gaining weight?
it is advisable for people(after age35) to focus on Low-fat dairy products(which contain low calories and fat and provide their body with important nutrients).

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