Dr. Darren Schmidt, explains in a lecture, that plaque buildup begins when a tear happens on the inside lining of your artery. It is this tear in the lining of your artery that is the beginning of heart disease.
Warning signs of clogged arteries include such things as bruised and/or swollen ankles and legs, bleeding gums, red blotches under the skin caused by bleeding under the skin, red spots on the back of the hands to mention a few. One of the main causes of tears in your arteries is Vitamin C deficiency.
When a tear occurs in your artery - calcium or cholesterol will patch up the tear much like a person would put putty in a hole of their house wall. This patch is only a temporary repair to your arteries. Real Vitamin C will repair your arteries the right way. Real Vitamin C comes from citrus and it is different from the Vitamin C found in most health food stores. Ascorbic Acid is not real Vitamin C. Real Vitamin C molecules contain a myriad of elements not found in ascorbic acid and it will heal arteries and other tissue while ascorbic acid will not heal you. Synthetic Vitamin C will not repair your arteries the way it is supposed to. The bottom line is that if your arteries are healthy -plaquing does not occur.
Sugar enters your cells in the same way that Vitamin C does. When sugar is present Vitamin C will not enter your cell to heal it. Sugar is always the winner in a competition to enter your cells. Sugar prevents Vitamin C from entering your cells. Try to keep your simple carbohydrate intake to less than 125 calories per day. Sugar feeds cancer as well! By keeping the amount of sugar intake down and consuming healthy Vitamin C your arteries can be repaired.
Do not go on a fat free diet. It is essential to eat an adequate amount of the right kinds of fats and proteins and reduce the bad carbohydrates. This approach was promoted by the American Medical Association (AMA) from 1800 to the 1940's. That is the way to repair arteries.
To Reverse Heart Disease, the first step is - you need to remove sugar from your diet. Dr. Schmidt says that they have treated a thousand patients in the last 4 years and the results show remarkable improvement. Chest pains go away, Fatigue and heaviness go away, Shoulder pains depart as the heart improves.
Do not eat any foods that act like sugar. Avoid white bread, white pasta, white rice and white flour products. White flour products have little or no nutrition and they are high in carbohydrates. Most white flour products contain bromine which is a flame retardant and it is extremely poisonous. Pepperidge Farms is the only national brand that has no bromine in it.
The second step in reversing heart disease is take to real Vitamin C. The favorite brand recommended by Dr. Schmidt is Standard Process. Standard Process produces 3 different choices of Natural Vitamin C products. Cyruta was introduced in the 1950's as a roto-rooter to the arteries. Dr. Schmidt confirms that it really is a roto-rooter to the arteries and he has used it over and over to open up arteries for his patients. (Just a note - I tried to buy from Standard Process but they require a prescription from your doctor to buy direct from them)

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