Caught Ex Looking At Me: Ex Looks At Me Then Looks Away

Nothing is more embarrassing then pursuing someone who does not have any interest in you. The embarrassment can be worse if your ex is involved, so before you jump in over your head you may want to check out these ten tips on how to know if my ex still loves me.

Physical gestures

When they are talking to a group does your ex constantly touch you? A slight touch on the arm or gently guiding you out of the way on a constant basis can mean they are longing to touch you in a more serious manner.

Hangs around until the end

Does your ex always stay at a party or a social function until you leave? If you notice they are reluctant to leave early to any event there is a good chance they are only staying as an excuse to spend more time with you.

Calls you back

If your ex is not into you then they will ignore your voicemails and texts. However, if they take the time to return your phone calls there is a good chance that they are still interested in you.

Stares you in the eye while talking

If your ex is finished with your relationship they are going to move on to their next choice. However, if they take special care to always look you directly in the eyes then this is a sign they miss you.

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Replies to your emails

Once again, this is a sign they are taking the time to answer you which says you still mean something to them. If you are worth their time you are probably worth much more to them.

Has not changed relationship status

In the world of social networking forgetting to change relationship status can mean one of two things: your ex is lazy or still wants you back. Since you know them best this should not be hard to figure out.

Informs you about changes

Does your ex make it a point to tell you about everything in their life that changes? Such as their new job, new sense of style, or new car? If they do they want your approval which means they are still head over heels in love with you.

Makes it a point to show you they are dating

Have you noticed your ex seems to make sure that you know every time they get a date? If it seems a bit much they are probably trying to make you jealous, a sure sign that your ex still loves you.


If your ex is still flirting with you then they want you.

Conversation type

Finally the last way to know if your ex still loves you is by the type of conversations you still have. Are they quick and awkward or long and thought out?

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During your relationship, when things went awry, you played on your ex's emotions to win your argument. Nine times out of ten your ex felt so much pity for you that he/she relented, and you got what you wanted. However, now that your relationship has ended, don't try using this tactic to get your ex back - it just WON"T work!

What you call arguments that you had during your relationship were nothing but little tiffs. If you burnt the food and didn't feel like making more and wanted take-out, you pleaded tiredness, and your ex eventually gave in - you got your takeout. You decided to go out an rent a movie, but you each wanted different movies, you pouted and gave your ex the silent treatment for a while, and in the end you won and your ex had to suffer through the movie that you wanted to watch.

These are not arguments - they are tiny disagreements that are so trivial, that they are not even worth mentioning. What happened at the time of your break up though, is a totally different story. The argument started out about something quite important to both of you. Neither of you would give in so the argument escalated out of control.

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You ended up screaming obscenities at each other and saying the most terrible things to each other as well. Still neither of you would give in. Then things got so out of hand and ugly, that your ex walked out on you. To get your ex back is going to take a whole lot more than a little pity - it all depends on whether you love each other enough if you will be able to get back together again.

You have to accept that the relationship is over, and, if you really love your ex, be prepared to start all over again. Before you can do that though, you have to change quite a few things about yourself. You must accept that relationships are supposed to be fifty/fifty, and be prepared to work hard at your half of the responsibilities.

To get your ex back you will have to convince him/her about your willingness to do your bit as long as you can be together. Maybe you can get your ex to love you as much as before and think about getting back together again.

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Stay away! - your ex is fire, now do you really want to stick your hand in there and get burnt? You see, you cannot just call your ex a million times a day and think it's ok. You also cannot flood your ex with emails, messages, cards, text messages and god knows what else you have been doing before you came here. Now that you understand what being a psychotic-stalker-desperado means, refrain from even contacting your ex for the next two weeks; and I don't want to hear any whining.

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What the two weeks does - within these two weeks, you have the chance to change yourself, and trust me, you need to! Your ex got sick and tired of your pathetic self, and decided to dump you and avoid you; which is exactly why you need to stop making the same old lame mistakes you always do. Change, and you will get your ex back. As well, the space your ex will have finally, will make your ex feel empty. The lack of attention from your end will make your ex desperate to get it back, and he/she will become curious to speak to you again.

The icing on the cake - before the two weeks are over, you may find your ex messaging you and doing all kinds of crazy things, but you are not to respond to any of them, as that will ruin everything. After the two weeks are up send your ex this message:

"crazy. I have something sexy lined up for you, so make sure you do what I said on friday"

This will make your ex absolutely crazy, and now he/she will be trying to contact you like crazy to figure out what this message meant; and now you will literally have your ex desperate to get you back.

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You're sad because your ex has left you. You have maybe had a few drinks, or even shed a few tears. You maybe have felt like it was the end of the world. Guess what? It's not the end of the world. How would you like to turn those tables on your ex? How would that make you feel to help your ex realize that they have made the biggest mistake of their lives? It would feel good, now wouldn't it? Yes, you can turn those tables.

After you have relieved your pressure, place your emotions back in check. Look at what went wrong, and how the situation could have been handled differently. Focus on yourself. Examine ways to improve yourself, and how to make your life better without your ex.

Look at all of the exciting single opportunities out there. Find a new hobby. Spend more time with your friends. Take yourself to a movie, and out to dinner. You may meet new friends and business contacts while on a date with yourself. You can volunteer and work with local charities or churches. You can find a second job that you love. Live your life, and carry on as if the separation was the best thing to ever happen to you.

Don't try to seek revenge, or play any tricks or games. You'd like for this reunion to be beautiful, and you don't want anything to have to throw into the closet that may haunt you later. During this time, you are giving you and your ex time to decide how to move forward. Your ex will more than likely come looking for you, or come to see what's up with you, and very soon, he or she will be back in your life. Now, you have your ex back, and a renewed person!

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