Are you preparing for a confirmation event that requires to send out confirmation invitations for a boy? If yes, then you need to know the specific tone, language and etiquette to prepare custom invitations for your son.

Some Basic Information/ Etiquettes for All Types Of Communion Invitations

Your invites must include everything, from your name to venue’s address details. You should keep a casual format with special instructions.

Here is a list of things you might want to consider:

  • Whether the guest should bring something as a gift or not.
  • Important details such as the time and location for service hours.
  • The type of food that is being arranged in the confirmation.

Catholic confirmation is the opportunity for the children to come forward and take the next step that is, to become full-fledged Catholic church members. However, preparing and inviting for catholic confirmation can be stressful for you as the parent. So we have come up with some quick bullet points to with confirmation invitation etiquette to help you along the way.

Make things super orderly by using the following tips for confirmation invitations:

Decide the Date

Many confirmation ceremonies are held when the spring starts but it depends on you. Check with your relatives and grandparents to find a time that will allow the most people to attend and help celebrate such a grand moment in your son’s life. You can also decide if the date will be on a Saturday or Sunday.

Guest List

As with any major life moment you want to make sure you have every one of significance in your son’s life at the confirmation. The best way to do this is to start with your guest list from the holy communion invitations you sent just a couple years previously and then add any new guests. This is a great way to ensure you get everyone at the ceremony.

Request RSVPs

Estimate the number of people who would attend the event. If you want to have the final answer of who’s coming, try collecting RSVPs. This will help make sure you have enough food as well as room to accommodate everyone.

Establish A Dress Code

As you will be inviting all of your friends and family to the confirmation some of them might not be as familiar with the ceremony and what should be worn. So putting a simply line stating the dress code is always appreciated. You can put something like “semiformal dress is appreciated”.

Communion: Educate Your Guests

Did you know that only practicing people are allowed to take communion in a church? So, it can really be a touchy topic for the people who are not catholic or practicing Christians. So, you can request special instructions in the communion invitations for the guests to try and be as gracious as possible. The last thing your child wants to see during his communion ceremony is the tension among the audience.

If your relatives are attending the communion ceremony for the first time, you can also include some points form communion policy.

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