iPhone is one of the most popular electronic equipment in this century. There are a lot of additional features enabled in an iPhone than a normal phone. The demand for iPhone is also increasing at an alarming rate. There are a lot of applications that are available for smart phones.

Apple has launched new software to catch the thieves of iPhone. Apple is the pioneer company in the world of smart phones. The company has secured more than two hundred patents for smart phone technology alone. The mobile application store will provide you a vast number of new applications for your smart Phone. The multi tasking facility is one of the major attractions of these phones. Video conferring facility can also be enables with just a click. As the demand of iPhone increased the number of iPhone theft also increased.

This new software will recognize the thief by comparing the heart beat of individuals. The heart rate of the owner of the device will be recorded by the phone. It then compares it with the present user of the device and gives alert. If the device detects such a difference in heart beat then it will be automatically shut down. It will also delete the valuable information like address book, messages and passwords. There are also provisions to detect thieves using face recognition. The camera provided in this device will take the photographs and keep it in memory. If they find any mismatch in the users' image they will get alerted. There is also a technique for voice recognition. If through any of these technology the device detect thief if will go into a "spy mode". In this mode they will record the activities of the stranger, so that it is easy to trace him out. Catch iPhone Thieves with Software
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