Cat-Friendly Spaces

Moving to a new space with your kitty or getting a new cat might not be as easy as it seems. Cats, even though they provide us with stress-reducing cuddles, have needs of their own, and sometimes the space in which they spend their time can contribute to their overall mental and physical well-being. Whether you’ve just gotten a new apartment or have decided to adopt a kitty, there are some things you should know and do to make your space as cat-friendly as possible.

For Small Spaces

For cat lovers who live in the big cities, it can sometimes be difficult to find an apartment or home that has a lot of space for your kitty to explore. Because of this, you need to figure out ways to keep your cat from becoming bored and provide them with enough physical exercise and mental stimulation.

Cats can be affected by your mood, so it’s important to designate spaces even in your small apartment for your cats. This might mean giving them their own playroom instead of having an at-home office. At the very least, it’s recommended by HappyFriendy that we should “consider some areas that might be out of sight or away from foot traffic in your home” for your cat to call their own.

Cats tend to feel more comfortable in small spaces because it’s instinctual. Cats like small spaces because it’s less likely that predators (or other furry family members) can sneak up on them. For this reason, consider getting a cat tower that has a little hut on it, so they can have a safe place to nap. Cat caves or enclosed cat beds may also be good options.

For more active kitties, you should think about getting cat activity wall shelves. These wall activity centers are out of the way for you, and they can provide your cat with enrichment and exercise. Getting puzzle toys is also a good option to enhance mental stimulation.

In small spaces as well, cats will tend to look outside often. You can encourage this behavior by getting them a cat bed that hangs off of the window. They will be able to stare into the great unknown as well keep toasty in the sunlight.

For All Spaces

While many of the small space items can be applied to any space, such as the cat caves since they like enclosed spaces, there are some cat essentials that are suitable for all spaces. A good way to enrich your home, not only for your cat but for you, is to freshen it up with some greenery. As cats might consider big pots litter boxes, stay away from having too big of plants. In addition, make sure that the plants you choose are safe and non-toxic if your cat decides to take a nibble. Fake plants may provide enrichment as well.

All cats will need litter boxes. For smaller spaces, you might choose to have a litter box that’s smaller and out of the way. Consider putting it in a place like the bathroom, so your cat can also have some privacy.

No matter the size of your home, you won’t want your cat scratching on your wooden bed frame or the backside of your couch, so it’s necessary for you to get a scratching post for your kitty. For small spaces, consider getting a scratching post that can be attached to the wall to save additional space. For larger areas, getting a cat tree with multiple scratching posts might be ideal, especially if you have more than one cat.

Final Thoughts

Cats can be one of the best parts of our lives. Just like other creatures, they need the right environment to grow and thrive. Make sure that you have a cat-friendly space that will make your kitty feel at home right off the bat.



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