Humanity is generally terrified, as well as mystified, by the unseen forces that affect our daily lives. Written scripture teaches us not to put our faith or importance on the physical world but our authorities throughout history (leaders of religions, governments, houses of learning) condemn anything outside the limited information they offer. for this reason masters holding the keys that unlocked the doors to light withdrew with their knowledge, sharing only with those who sought understanding. The teachings became held in secret or “occult.”  

As one explores the studies of metaphysics they begin to recognize characteristics of occult teachings in the conservative world around them. They are performed in religious ceremonies, worn or used as sacred ornaments, and pictured on currency or houses of government.

Among occult teachings is the ancient art of casting. It was one of the first thresholds which allowed earthly beings an avenue to cross into the world of the unseen. One common scriptural thread in most religions is to not place importance on temporal things. This is in part, due to the physical elements of this life being temporary, and not the important life experiences that perfect the spirit. Another reason for the caution is that the physical realm is only a small portion of the total reality. What we see may be a distortion. We view the world through our level of experience.

The casting is similar to reading from a deck of Tarot cards. The cards have no importance other than in their reflection of the individuals character; both the positive aspects and the defects. So it is with casting. Many of the situations that exist in our lives are influenced and often empowered by our emotional and mental projections into the etheric field. Our thoughts and emotions reinforce those events whether we like the events or not, and clarity on a situation flies right out the window. Rather than respond, we react feeding more and more energy into the thing we don’t want to create. Remember, “As above so below, as below so above.”

Casting is a way to take 3 dimensional objects, which we know and understand, and allow them to fashion an image that represents our attachment to a particular condition. Emotions are faster than thoughts. Emotions also distort thinking. This is why it is easier to give rational advice to an acquaintance with a problem than to follow sane thinking when faced with our own problem; the experience is seen differently through the distorted emotional cloud. Casting allows us to spread the chaos of a situation along with our jumbled thoughts and emotions out in a display before us. This process is not intended to change someone else. What we see is a reflection of ourselves in any given situation. After all, your neighbor doesn’t have your problem; it is your problem…therefore you are the core. Change the core or hum of a vibration and a ripple moves out infinitely.

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Malana Ashlie is a doctor of Naturopathy, a student of subtle energies, and she holds a PhD in Metaphysics. Malana’s interest in world religions and ancient cultures has led her to study with teachers of sacred Native American traditions as well as Elders of Hawaiian and Maya traditions. From this experience she learned how to make dreams a reality

Along with writing and her Holistic Healing practice, Dr. Malana also leads retreats and workshops. She travels teaching Spiritual Principles, Dream Weaving, and the hidden wisdom's of the Ancients that affect our everyday lives. More on these workshops can be found at