Cast iron radiators can be the perfect choice if you are upgrading your home interiors. When you are decorating your home it can be difficult working out what to do with heating systems.

Conventional radiators are effective but they are not always the most stylish option on the market. They are often bland and purely functional in design and this can detract from interior design schemes. Traditional Cast iron radiators can offer the ideal solution. Not only do they provide a timeless elegance for your rooms but they are also very functional as well for heating systems.

Period Cast Iron Radiators

Period cast iron radiators offer quality engineering for your home. These radiators are long lasting and the dense metal makes them very durable. This means cast iron radiators will continue to provide effective service for many years. There are some antique cast iron radiators on the market that are over a hundred years old and still in perfect working order.

If you are refurbishing your home in a period style then you can get a wide range of cast iron radiators. There are options available in Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian styles. There are also designs available that reflect period American and French design influences. This means you should be able to find the perfect cast iron radiators to match your period interior design schemes. You can buy these as new reproductions or refurbished original antiques.

Modern Cast Iron Radiators

Cast iron radiators are becoming popular again as a home heating solution. This is because they not only offer an attractive option for rooms but they are also very economic. You can heat your home cost effectively with cast iron radiators and this is good news for anyone looking to keep their fuel bills as low as possible.

- This is why many companies are now manufacturing cast iron radiators for the modern market.

- You can buy brand new cast iron radiator sets designed in a wide range of modern styles.

- These radiators are made using traditional methods and offer a similar classic look to the original designs.

- You can choose from a great selection of paint finishes for your cast iron radiators. This includes some stunning bold colours that can create a real impact on your design schemes.

Bespoke Cast Iron Radiators

If you want something a little more special then look out for bespoke cast iron radiator companies. They will be able to offer you cast iron radiators designed to your exact specifications.

Bespoke services will of course be more expensive than buying pre-made radiators ‘off the shelf’. However this is ideal if you want something totally original for your home heating systems or you have awkward spaces that cannot be heated by conventional radiators.

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When buying traditional cast iron radiators for your home you will have plenty of choice available. You can opt for refurbished radiators or brand new options designed to your specifications.