Cartier Glasses

Cartier first entered the eyeglasses market in 1983. Now it became one of the best eyeglass brands in the world. Cartier is known for high-end materials, sophisticated details, and expert craftsmanship in their glasses.

Qualities of Cartier glasses

  • Classic luxury and superior glasses
  • No expense is spared and no shortcuts are taken while crafting the eyewear
  • Frames made with noble materials such as wood and horn
  • They are also available in precious metals, such as platinum, gold, and titanium
  • Also available in less expensive glasses feature acetate frames
  • The frames are crafted on the basis of the company’s famed jewelry techniques

Price range

The price range of Cartier glasses is $500 - $6000. Make sure to check the cost online before going to your optician. The price may depend on the following factors:

Material of the eyeglasses frame: Different materials have different costs. So, the glasses frames cost will vary according to the material you choose. If you want luxurious designer glasses but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars, go with the acetate frames. You can get them in the $1000 range.

Style of the frame: Rimless glasses are more expensive than rimmed and framed glasses. So, the cost will vary according to the frame style you choose.

Other frame details: If you want to add some other features (hinge style, adornments, etc.), it will increase the cost.

Cartier glasses FAQs

Are Cartier glasses made of real gold?

Yes, most of the Cartier temples are gold and hand-crafted. Make sure you are buying the glasses from Cartier’s authorized shop. Also, check the gold for tarnishing and if there appears to be another metal color in certain places

Can I use prescription lenses in Cartier glasses?

Yes, you can add prescription lenses to your Cartier glasses. Ask your optician, to do that in their in-house lab.

Why Cartier sunglasses are so expensive?

Cartier is one of the oldest sunglasses brands. They are expensive due to their brand value. Sunglasses designs are very fashionable and attractive. Also, they are so durable that can be used for more than two years.

How to spot fake Cartier glasses?

Check out the overall quality of glasses. See if the paint is chipping, there are scratches in the frames or if anything is misspelled. These things indicate that the pair of Cartier glasses are fake.

Author's Bio: 

Stefan Elie is the owner of an eyeglass repair shop in the USA. He loves writing about his experiences.