There is a somewhat widespread notion that this statement is valid:

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

As it turns out, upon examination, this concept is not always, and not even often, valid.

The key to understanding why this concept is not valid is the way our brains actually work. Human brains are wired to protect us and have sensory circuits which bypass all cognitive functions. If you hear a lion's growl 10 steps away, your body reacts instantly, BEFORE you can think about it. Your body knows that the threat of death or destruction from the lion is real, no matter what your thinking mind might say.

The notion behind the New Age phrase False Evidence Appearing Real is that much of what we fear is simply a matter of incorrect perspective. If you look at something from one perspective, it can seem seem frightening. Change your perspective, and it is no longer frightening the theory goes.

The danger with these sort of concepts is that people can start to judge themselves when they feel fear, instead of accepting that fear is a normal human emotion and one designed to keep us safe.

Occasionally, yes, fear is based upon a misconception. But most often, it is a legitimate response to a situation. What can be a bother, though, is when fear (or any other emotion) runs your life. In this case, the issue is not that the fear is some mistake. The issue is that today's legitimate fear is experienced at the same time as all the accumulated fear from similar past situations and that results in a stronger than normal response.

So, instead of trying to convince yourself that your thinking is wrong when you feel fear, accept that fear is a normal part of life. If what you are experiencing seems to be more than proportional to the situation, then see about releasing that accumulated fear. This release will enable you to properly put things in perspective, and you don't have to feel that you've somehow failed to have the "right" thinking.

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Robert S. Vibert is a 'big-picture" Applied Researcher of numerous techniques, philosophies and methods developed both in ancient and modern times to provide awareness, guidance, emotional health, and insight. He is constantly discovering new information, methodologies, and insights into how our hearts, minds and bodies work, how we interact with each other and how one can utilize simple but effective steps to improve our lives.