Carpet steam cleaning has always been one of the best procedures of removing dirt, dust, debris from the carpet. However, during the cleaning procedure, one must not make the mistakes that might damage the carpet. So today, we will be discussing the mistakes that professionals providing the carpet cleaning service in Southbank, Port Melbourne, Hawthorn and Canterbury always avoid.

  • Not clearing the room first

The cleaning professionals providing the carpet steam cleaning in Southbank will need to clear all the items from the room to make the cleaning effective and not doing so is a mistake.

During the procedure, steam will be applied on the carpet and since steam contains water vapour, they might damage the furniture that is made of wood. So, if the furniture in the room is difficult to move, the professionals will need to cover the furniture with a cloth.

  • Not vacuuming the carpet before applying the steam

Professionals never apply steam in the first place, as that will be a big mistake. 

They always vacuum the carpet first to remove the dirt, dust, debris, etc. that have accumulated on the carpet. Though steam does make the particles loose, it must not be applied in the first step because if there is too much dirt, dust, etc. on the carpet, they might spread more and then it will become harder to remove.

  • Not removing the stains before applying the steam

Professionals always remove stains before applying steam because steam can get rid of the particles accumulated on the surface of the carpet fibres, but it cannot remove the stains. So, not treating the stains is a mistake which the professionals providing the carpet steam cleaning in Port Melbourne always avoid.

The cleaners in the service always apply the necessary stain removal solution on the carpet before applying the steam.

  • Not preparing the carpet steam cleaner

Before applying steam, the professionals will need to prepare the steam cleaning device. In the preparation process not only will the cleaners add all the solutions, but they will make sure that the device is working properly because if it isn't, the cleaning will not turn out to be effective.

So, the cleaners providing the carpet steam cleaning in Hawthorn will need to inspect the device thoroughly first before they can start the cleaning.

  • Not following the best cleaning methods

The cleaners will need to follow the best cleaning methods for removing the dirt, dust, stains from the carpet using the steam cleaner device. Else, it is a mistake that they are making since cleaning will naturally turn out to be ineffective.

The professionals providing the steam cleaning in Canterbury will need to start the cleaning from one corner and then move on to the other. They will need to follow this pattern as this is the best method of removing all particles from the surface of the carpet.

  1. Not allowing time to dry

Cleaning professionals will need to give the carpet the necessary time to dry so that it can be used again and not doing so can lead to wrinkles on the carpet which will naturally make the carpet look unappealing. 

So, the carpet cleaners will never make the mistake.

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The author is the owner of a company that provides carpet steam cleaning in Southbank, Port Melbourne, Hawthorn and Canterbury and publishes daily articles on the internet about different cleaning topics.