If you need a company to clean up your carpets/rugs, we are the best for you. CPR24 Restoration is the most esteemed carpet clinic on the GTA. We are not afraid to get our hands filthy when providing excellent cleaning work that meets your needs and requirements. We have been serving our clients in Toronto, ON for many years and we are considered as one of the most trusted carpet clinic service providers all throughout the area. You can trust us to bring reliable carpet cleaning jobs that can fully satisfy your needs and demands. Call us today, and get the carpet cleaning you have been wanting for a long time.


When needing to have those filthy and dusty carpets cleaned so you can use it for special occasions or just don’t want to see dirty rugs around the house, go and opt for a professional carpet cleaning service provider today. CPR24 Restoration has all kinds of methods and professional techniques that are being used to deliver fast and great quality results to each customer that are in need of serious cleaning services for their carpets and rugs. Every homeowner benefits from professional upholstery and carpet cleaning. Professionals know which materials and equipment to use to deliver quality results within the shortest period of time. Instead of working with cheap and less reliable rug cleaners, choose us and stick with a real professional from reputable companies and we ensure for all your carpets to be cleaned in a perfect way.

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