Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Is A Whole Body Issue. It doesn't happen only at your wrist. What does this mean?

Well, if you have been diagnosed with CTS, or if you suspect that's what you have, I'll bet you have pain elsewhere in your body, too.

If you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, chances are that more things will hurt besides your wrist. There are many causes for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and all of them--except perhaps a crushing injury to your wrist--involve your whole body.

Most cases of hand, wrist and arm pain are caused by your muscles and soft tissues. Your muscles are unhappy about something (vitamin deficiency? overstretched?) and so they cause symptoms. The muscles that cause symptoms in your carpal tunnel area are the same ones that can cause pain in your neck, arms, jaw, head and back.

Well, the good news is that muscles and soft tissues are treatable naturally. You simply have to give them what they want to be well--or stop doing what they don't like. Usually what they don't like is incorrectly done repetitive movement. They also don't like poor posture with a weak back.

Muscles are smart: They know what they don't like and will scream and holler at you until you help them.

An educated patient is one who will get well faster. The more you understand about the causes and natural cures for pain in your hand, wrist and arm, the better the chance that you CAN get rid of your carpal tunnel pain!

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Kathryn Merrow is a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist who morphed into The Pain Relief Coach after doing over 20,000 therapeutic massages. She realized that she could "get her hands" on even more people by helping them understand WHY bodies have pain and the simple, easy steps we can all take to become pain-free.

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