Santana is a famous rock band of 1960s.It is guitarist based rock band. It was originated at the end of 1960, from their onwards it led the rock world with storm performances. It grabbed the world limelight with the song of soul sacrifice which was performed at the Woodstock festival in 1966. From their onwards it never looked back. Carlos Santana named his rock band as Santana. It was formed in San Francisco. It was primarily based on Latin rhythm backed by drums, timbales, congas and also tonal music.
Carlos Alberto Santana Barragán was the pivotal person of the band Santana, a guitarist. He revolutionized the music world with his original fusion creation of rock, salsa and jazz fusion. The initial hit they made is Latin rock, eponymous album, abraxas. For a couple of years, the band went with the similar fusion style, it was only in 1990, and the band underwent dramatic changes and started introducing very different kind of rock music. The band started producing more erotic music. In the year 2000 he was honored with eight Grammy awards and totals three of Latin American awards. He was also ranked 15 among top 100 guitarists by the rolling magazine.
In San Francisco the first time got an opportunity to see his admirer idol B.B king live perform. In 1960 music like jazz and other new fusion music was already introduced. Carlos Santana started experimenting with these new age music such as jazz, folk music which was already hyped to an influential level. His idol B.B king, he started imitating in his way, not only in stages but also in real life it was said that his idol has considerable influence. Santana’s life was not rosy; he underwent dramatic hardship in his life. In his early life he worked as dishwasher.
Woodstock was the first break for Santana, where he played soul sacrifice instrumental. Although music like Evil tracks, Jingo, black magic women, ove com ova provided the platform to develop the band firmly but real game came from albums such as everybody everything, no one to depend on, she not there. With the release of this music the band achieved real popularity and reached to the maximum horizons. The specialty of the band was that, it always kept experimenting with new music so that it never gets out of fashion.
In the year 1970 Santana band shifted its focus to spiritual music. Santana was highly moved by The Mahavishnu Orchestra and John McLaughlin. These groups influenced Santana. At this stage of his career Santana was exposed to guru chinmoy. Guru chinmoy accepted him as his discipline and was given new name by him that is devadip, which means light lamp. From here onwards Santana music was based on spiritualism.
During 1990s Santana career went low. Even at time he was without any contract, it was only in 2000 that his rock band took a u turn and met with some magical entity which started producing all new eye limelight grabbing music. And once again Santana was on the mainstream music with famous albums and awards in its kitty.

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