The meaning of the dream messages is always protective. We need protection because we are under-developed primates. We have a very tiny human conscience, which is one-sided and needs development. The biggest part of our brain is totally absurd because it belongs to our primitive conscience, the anti-conscience.

This means that we are totally wrong for believing that we, human beings, are very intelligent. We are in fact idiotic creatures. We have to develop our human conscience in order to become more intelligent. This is how we’ll stop being under-developed primates and become wise human beings.

You may believe that you are very intelligent, and a very balanced human being, but the truth is quite disappointing. You are balanced when everything is working normally in your life. If you’ll lose the floor under your feet, you are certainly going to lose your mind too.

You have inherited too much absurdity in the biggest part of your brain. Your fragile human conscience is in a very difficult position.

Feel grateful for learning this truth. Illusions are very dangerous. The unconscious mind shows you how absurd you are when you are influenced by your wild nature. Your dreams try to make you stop making mistakes that generate your own suffering.

I have scientifically proven through many ways that only Carl Jung discovered the right method of dream interpretation. Only his method helps you understand the wise unconscious messages in your dreams.

I simplified his complicated method, but he discovered the basics. I only discovered the anti-conscience that generates all mental illnesses within the human conscience, which Jung could not see. He couldn’t see it because he was not crazy. I was almost schizophrenic like my father. Thus, I could see that there was too much absurdity in the human mind. This is why I had to disagree with Jung’s last conclusions. Our conscience is not able to decide what is right or wrong as he believed. The unconscious mind is not merely ‘a good counselor’, but our natural doctor.

I had to fight against the absurdity of my anti-conscience. I obeyed the unconscious guidance in my dreams and daily life. This was how I discovered the cure for all mental illnesses is based on our obedience to the unconscious guidance.

I simply completed Carl Jung’s work. He discovered the hidden meaning of dreams and their healing power. He couldn’t see what generates all mental illnesses like me because he didn’t have the vision I had. I found the missing piece of the puzzle, which was constructed by him.

I had another type of connection with the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and gives us artistic talents and religious inclinations. I could understand the sensitive, philosophical, and poetic side of the meaning of dreams. I could also perceive that the unconscious mind was the voice of divine providence. Carl Jung was only a scientist. He analyzed the unconscious religiosity like an observer, and not like a sinner. This is why he couldn’t agree with obeying the unconscious guidance.

Besides this fact, he couldn’t separate the evil anti-conscience from the wise unconscious mind. Thus, he was afraid to completely trust the unconscious mind like I did. I discovered that the real enemy is the anti-conscience.

Jung couldn’t see that the anti-conscience is an independent conscience that works in parallel with our human conscience and the unconscious mind. Our anti-conscience is ‘another person’ inside us. It is our animal personality. It belongs to us because we have originated from this primitive content.

All conscious creatures are originated from the same primitive conscience. Even the wise unconscious mind came from the anti-conscience, but it could differentiate itself with time.

The unconscious mind discovered goodness and wisdom, becoming God. This is why He gave to the anti-conscience a human conscience. We are human beings because we were transformed into human creatures by God, even though we are basically evil demons. We, human beings, are concentrated in the tiny human conscience of a primitive demon.

However, instead of thinking that we are demons with a tiny conscience, we must think that we are human beings that have a tiny human conscience and a huge anti-conscience. We, human beings, must control our behavior, eliminating our wild anti-conscience through sensitivity and understanding.

The unconscious mind is God’s mind, which teaches us how we can become wise through dreams, religiosity, art, philosophy, science, and many other ways. We must pass through an important process of brain empowerment that works like a spiritual purification.

My discoveries have an important religious meaning, besides showing to the world that the cure for all mental illnesses is given by the divine unconscious wisdom. Jung discovered that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s conscience first. However, he was afraid of the unconscious mind because he thought that it was also evil. I discovered the unconscious sanctity because I was ready to commit a terrible sin when I found out that I was practically as schizophrenic as my father. I understood that God was preventing me from losing my mind.

I also discovered that the anti-conscience is a true demon. Thus, our anti-conscience is Satan. We inherit a satanic primitive conscience in the biggest part of our brain.

My discoveries show very clearly that you must transform your personality if you want to acquire mental stability. Without this transformation, your human psyche is out of balance. Feel grateful for having this knowledge.

All lies and illusions transform you into a puppet of your evil anti-conscience, which destroys your tiny human conscience through craziness. You must protect your humanity and eliminate your violent wild nature. This is how you’ll find sound mental health, peace, and real happiness based on wisdom.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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