Disability is not inability, but it could end up being one when parents slack off with the level of care and attention given to children with serious and uncommon needs. Although there have been many reported cases of natural occurrences, disability has also been a result of complications having to do with pregnancy, birth and other imbalances which mostly subject the baby to abnormalities where specialized treatments are given them eventually. Most of these conditions are however biological as well as psychological, and therefore attract serious care such as the toilet training autism in case of an autistic child. As parents, caring for a disabled child might be so challenging considering the different and most specialized approaches taken to feeding, sleeping, use of the toilet, moving around, communication and maybe some other challenging behaviors.

Feeding a disabled child
Disabled children might face many problems and difficulties with feeding and eating for so many reasons. These may include some physical problems that results into difficulty with swallowing, sucking, digesting and maybe chewing. In some other cases, limited mobility might give a handicap problems with sitting up to eat, and learning problems might make it difficult for kids like that to learn how to feed appropriately as well. Sometimes, it takes some kid longer time to be able to feed themselves. When these are the case, it is advisable that you consult your health advisor for the best approach to those situations. A speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, dietician, and a psychotherapist could assist you with this situations depending on the symptoms and type of issues the disabled child is confronted with. Necessary advice would be given to know if you can still feed your child the normal way or you would be advised or direct passage via tubes. She needs to eat because her development is well dependent on her food intake.

Laying a disabled child
Disabled children could also have difficulty with sleeping. This could be as a result of many abnormal conditions they are facing physically and maybe in their hormonal system. Muscle spasm and breathing difficulty can also add to this such that kids wouldn’t know when they need to sleep. In this situation, your health advisors and community nurses should be able to help as well. They would do this by suggesting ways with which your kids could be encouraged to good sleep patterns depending on their situations. Sleep specialist and psychologists are also great people to meet. You could prepare your kid for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) as well. Not only this, national organizations in the region and scope of the National Autistic Society could be advantageous in providing tips and guidance on how to bed disabled children. The rest kids get are as important as the food they take in. It relaxes their veins and prepares the freshly for next tasks.

Potty-Training Your Child
Potty training is an essential aspect of handicap care because they are individuals that need support. Although children do show signs of learning toilet training fast but most disabled children may not be ready to do so at all until they are older, or perhaps take a very long time learning. These most times boil down to inabilities with learning and maybe physical challenges. Most times kid’s inability affects their ability to empty their bowel and bladder like this, doctors usually refer you to specialists to advise you on the best ways to manage the menace. You may be advised on special potties, child handling and a whole lot of things by physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Use of larger nappies and pads could also be advised depending on the situation. Mostly, these kinds of situations come with parents needing to do a lot of laundry work. You must be prepared for them.

Training your Child’s Movement
This training is really important especially for kids with physical disability. They may be needing walking aids which include wheelchairs, buggies and adapted seats. You wouldn’t just get these kids wheelchairs because you think it will solve their problems, you have to have contacted your local GP or your physiotherapist for necessary assessments and recommendations. This is when the right mobility aids will be discussed with you.

Managing challenging behaviors and communication in kids
When kids have sensory and learning disabilities, they sometimes show symptoms of challenging behaviors. This is because their issues, which are primarily related to communication makes life difficult for them and forces them to express their needs in unusual ways. Such challenging behaviors could range from aggression to withdrawal. Sometimes, disability might also mean that your child doesn’t have clear speech, or maybe are slow to talk. There is also a wide range of equipment and techniques that could be used to tackle such situation this ranges from symbol to electronic aids. Speech and language therapist are the best ones to assess your kids condition in this situation.

These and many more are few but important ways you could help your disabled child learn as well as grow fast.

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