The mobile revolution and advancements in information and communication technologies we have witnessed in the past couple years have taken the digital world by storm. The web development and mobile application development market have grown exponentially over the past few years, and businesses are building apps to bring their products and services to a global customer base. In order to achieve this goal, many enterprises are hiring the services of a mobile app development company.

Mobile App Developers Are Wanted More Than Ever

There has been a tremendous surge in mobile app development in the tech industry that has given a new direction for our digital society to move in. We have grown to become increasingly dependent on technology - especially our mobile devices. This monumental shift from web development to mobile application development has led to an increasing number of businesses worldwide adopting the mobile-first approach.

It is estimated that over 80% of all data traffic will be generated by mobile devices, and an approximate 84% of the global population will be using mobile technology. Mobile application development is now the new go-to approach for enhancing businesses and customer engagement, just like web development before it. The changing digital landscape has also subsequently spawned a great number of new job opportunities in mobile application development and mobile app development companies.

With the rapid rise in smartphone sales every year, it is obvious that there will be a higher demand for the services of mobile application development companies. Emerging technologies have adapted to the new mobile world, and mobile application development is set to grow at a fast pace. With technology evolving at such a pace, companies are now looking for skilled developers to meet the challenge of developing effective and attractive apps.

This also means that developers need to constantly update and hone their skills in order to deliver a product that is trendy and engaging. Mobile skills are extremely high in demand in the market right now, and the best mobile app development companies are equipping themselves with programming tools and skills to meet the expectations of their users.

In spite of being an integral part of virtually every industry, there is a serious dearth of mobile app developers out there. According to surveys and recruiters, the demand for mobile app developers is greater than the currently available crop. The job market for mobile application development and mobile app development companies is growing exponentially.

Advancements in tech have enhanced the UI and UX you can now offer your consumers. But developing a product that integrates latest trends in tech like VR, AR, machine learning, and AI require a good deal of expertise, which opens a host of new jobs within mobile app development companies.

The Skills Required

There are no fixed academic prerequisites to becoming a mobile app developer. Any certification in computer science and programming will suffice in securing a job and with a mobile app development company. But there are other things to consider when applying for jobs in this sector. Your salary and scope of work will depend a great deal on who your employer is, the experience you have (and skill), and what OS you’redeveloping the application form.

Mobile app developers are expected to know the ins and outs of app development across all major platforms and are fluent in multiple programming languages. For example, Android apps are written in Java, while iOS applications are made using Objective C, and more recently, Swift as well.

Project management and communications skills should also be part of your arsenal to strengthen your job perspectives, as the mobile application development process is complex, and will require you to interact with your clients, designers, etc., so that you can deliver a unique product and also become an asset to your mobile app development company.

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