Are you either out of a job or ready to make the plunge into employment that is quite different from the work you do today?

If you are like most, you have probably searched for jobs online or in your newspaper's employment section.

Though convenient since you can do much of the investigative work from home, these sources are also limiting. Career fairs, however, may afford you a much more direct path to be hired.

Typically available without charge, job fairs are half-to-full day events set up in public locations such as hotels or even convention centers.

During a career fair, a number of employers set up booths representing their companies and provide information, pictures, write ups, and more.

Each employer represented at the job fair will also have 1-3 company representatives available to speak with people who come by, walk them through the job application process, and even at times do a real interview on the spot.

What's the Motivation for Attending?

The number of companies represented at a career fair can range from a couple dozen to hundreds, depending on the size of the venue and breadth of jobs sought.

Searching the Internet your local newspaper will seldom produce this many employers in such a small amount of time.

For example, the array of employment opportunities at a career fair can potentially include technology, the medical profession, auto workers, admin assistants, insurance and many others.

This is great for a person who may have a general sense of the type of work desired, but is still open to other completely different avenues once exposed to other options that perhaps have never been thought through in the past.

What Takes Place at Job Fairs

Those who may be concerned about feeling compelled to give out personal information they don't want some employers to see can certainly take comfort in knowing that who you give information to is completely your prerogative.

Most job fairs are publicized in local newspapers and on the Internet, giving you time to prepare in advance.

Sometimes stores and other businesses also post announcements about them.

For the best chance of success at career fairs, you will want to make sure you dress professionally, bring at least 25 copies of your resume to hand out to prospective employers, and always be prepared for an interview right on the spot - it's your opportunity to sell yourself!

In fact, if you come across a job you really want, don't be shy about selling yourself. Talk with the company representative in detail about the job, provide some of your own background, and ask for an interview. Many employers appreciate such initiative.

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