Variedly knows as the advertising sales agents, account executives and also the advertising sales representatives, advertising account executives have varied duties and tasks to perform.

Job Specifications

Basically the job of the advertising account executive is -
Selling advertising spaces for print and electronic media;
Selling such spaces for the web world; and
Ensuring that the prices received are the best in the market.

Locations of Work

So far as the location of works for the advertising account executive is concerned, one may find them in the secondary school directory. However, the most important locations are –
Over 50% of the advertising works related to television, internet, cable companies, and radio.
Such agents also are often employed by the regional firms for carrying out local customer services.
Larger enterprises use their services for advertising purposes.
Publishers as well as the print and electronic media hire regional sales agents for the purpose of sell advertising involving the national media companies.
Media sales representatives will also work under the active supervision of the advertising executives. Such executives work for the agencies that are known as the media buyers and go on buying advertising for the clients at national radio and television companies and other publishers.
Agents that work for the local companies are usually called as inside or outside sales agents. Majority of the time of these people are consumed in finding clients for new advertisements.

Basic Objectives

Basic objectives of the job of the advertising executive are to develop trust in the client and getting their goodwill. Describing to the potential clients, how the advertising can help their business and to convince the client shows a road map along with the possible cost of the advertising program.

Working Methods

Once the deal is struck with a client, the advertising account executive will –
Provide the client with an initial advertising plan;
An estimate of the expenses involved;
A brief on the presentation of the advertisement;
Offering different types of sales packages; and
Publishing the advertisements in multiple media; print, electronic, and above all; the Internet.

Working hours are often irregular and uneven and can at times exceed 60 hours a week. Though strenuous it offers the career aspirant with one of the best ways of building up the career.

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