The wireless mobile phone has taken a significant place in the business world. Business is moving towards Enterprise mobility which demands high featured rich applications. Mobile users are demanding for the mobile sites those have an ability to do everything they are doing on a desktop website. HTML5 is the latest coding language that permits companies to deliver a high featured mobile site experience within the mobile browser.

Why companies are going with HTML5?

HTML5 is a latest version of the hypertext markup language that permits developers to develop more dynamic web content for different audiences. With HTML5 you are enabled to develop a light page for mobile phones which delivers a faster user interface to customers. This significant aspect of HTML5 compels companies to rush towards mobile site development to get the high audience contrast to the mobile applications.
Here are the superlative features of HTML5 technologies those give the lucrative business to the retailers.

Delivers location based information by implementing internal GPS:

HTML5 allows developers to bring location awareness to the browser. Which is the best feature for retailers to recognize the location of the customer by browsing a mobile site. Likewise a customer can recognize a nearer store of the retailer just by browsing the retailers’ mobile site. and are examples of the brand that uses HTML5 to insert location aware context to its mobile site. By this feature of HTML5 you can easily find out the nearer hotels around you.

Gives a High speed mobile site just like a mobile application:

Using HTML5 you can create a high featured application like user experience in the mobile browser. Mobile web removes the annoyance job of searching and downloading an application from the market place. In addition, mobile web attracts wide audience compared to the mobile application for your business.
Using HTML5 you can create a mobile web interface which resembles to the mobile application. HTML5 allows users to identify the sign so as users can track a site same as they can on the mobile application. Even with HTML5 you can provide the features like swiping through navigation, zoom in – zoom out of the selected areas of the mobile site.
Mobile sites created using HTML5 comprises a local storage area that allows developer to store the data within the browser memory just like a mobile native apps. This characteristic of HTML5 reduces the request – response interaction with the server resulted in high speed mobile sites in contrast to the older sites.

Best featured shopping cart using HTML5

The key idea of converting visitors into consumer is to simplify the process from shopping cart to the checkout process. We have analyzed many eCommerce sites, and what we have got is shopping cart drop outs due to a bothersome shopping cart to the checkout process. If you are looking to increase customers on your mobile site, you need to focus on a seamless checkout process for your mobile site.
Mobile site created using HTML5 able you to complete the checkout process from whatever page you are. is an exclusive example of the online bookstore created using the HTML5. HTML5 allows users to call up a shopping cart at any time, regardless of on which page they are. By using HTML5 you can offer quick checkout to users. This aspect of HTML5 has made it more likable for business people.

Give the detailed look with richer product images:

HTML5 allows developers to display high resolution images on the mobile site which has removed the helplessness of viewing the detailed image of any product on mobile eCommerce site. This feature of HTML5 enables developer to develop high quality product images in a gallery format for eCommerce sites. In addition, HTML5 provides tap and zoom feature through which you can zoom in any product and get a closer look of any product.

Other exclusive features:

HTML5 allows users to scroll banners on the mobile site to see the promotions on the home page. The navigation and integration of expand and collapse menus and pop up menus are the exclusive features of HTML5 that are most preferable features to promote any business on the mobile site.

HTML5 is the future of the next generation to drag your business towards success:

Converting the website into a responsive website and optimizing is not only enough to get the highest audience to your business. To beat the rival what you need is to implement features rich technology that gives the same experience just as a website. This is the reason why companies demanding mobile web developed using HTML5.
It is the best opportunity to capitalize on the popularity of HTML5 and craft your career in mobile web development. HTML5 is not limited to the mobile web development, you can hand on much more if you are proficient in the HTML5. TOPS Technologies is the best outsourcing, training and placement company providing comprehensive training on all advanced technologies with the guaranteed job placement. To get more details about TOPS and its services , visit nearer branch.

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