Now that you have cleared your class 12 examinations, have you given any thoughts on what you want to do next? If you are thinking of choosing a career in Commerce then we would say it’s a great choice. In India, Commerce has grown tremendously and is known for providing a wide scope of career options to pursue after class 12. It further gets wider with students realizing the importance of Commerce and the specialization courses associated with it. These courses not only give you an opportunity to grow and make an illustrious career but also help you become the top-notch in your professional career. But the question which troubles you is ‘What will be my career options after 12th?
It is not a compulsion that you need to have completed your Higher Secondary from Commerce only. A Science or an Arts’ student can also pursue these specialized courses after class 12. As it is rightly said “It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career”. All you need is dedication, hard-working spirit and self-confidence to face all the hurdles coming your way. Now let me throw some light on some of the most prestigious and industry respected career options you can opt for after class 12.

It’s no hidden truth that the present economy has tanked, besides this; the possibility for you to get your dream job in Commerce stream can be less due to the ever-increasing competition. As a matter of fact, companies do not entertain a fresher who’s just out of the college with minimalistic experience at hand, leaving your future and career options after 12th look bleak. Although you have ventured into the Commerce Stream expecting for a bright career and decent career prospects, the tough job market can be a stumbling block in the paths of your success.
Jobs in Commerce have seen a considerable increase in India, however qualifying for a particular job is anyway different. Undoubtedly, Commerce stream offers myriad of jobs in Accounting and Taxes, but qualifying for these sectors requires one to have good experience under one’s belt. Which is why if you are thinking to be an Accountant or a Compliance Manager, a graduation is just not enough. If you wish to pursue jobs after 12th, then you have to go beyond just bookish knowledge. For this, job-oriented commerce courses have sprung up in the recent times.

To know what are the courses after 12th, read this:

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