No one can deny the importance of MBA in Accounting Degree as it is absolutely the best choice to advance your career in fields like accounting, financial analysis and advising. Earning an advanced MBA in accounting degree helps you meet financial needs and challenges of today’s competitive business market.

Job Outlook for Graduates with MBA in Accounting Degree

Graduates holding an MBA in Accounting Degree have potential to work in corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Graduates have almost inexhaustible career opportunities available to choose from such as financial analyst, security analyst, public, government or management accountant. Accountants are responsible to maintain accurate tax and financial records for businesses, firms and organizations. They might entail budgeting, performing cost evaluations and managing a company’s revenues and expenses. Accountants are also familiar with computer software programs to organize financial and business record.

Job Duties of Accountants

Accountants can find employment in different accounting areas. As public accountants, individuals may provide accounting services to people, especially at tax time. They may also involved in forensics and investigate crimes related to fraud and other illegal financial transactions. Additionally, they can also work as an auditor who is responsible to check corporations’ financial records to evaluate their business practices and look for embezzlement or other problems. Government accountants are responsible for ensuring revenues and expenditures are in compliance with the law, as well as auditing businesses and individuals. Moreover, management accountants make budgets for companies. In this job, they may prepare financial analysis reports and advice about important business decisions.

Career Options with MBA in Accounting Degree

Pursuing an MBA in Accounting allows individuals to pursue employment as consultants, managers or executives with private corporations, government agencies or nonprofit organizations. Graduates can also start their own business. Moreover, candidates can also find jobs in finance, economics or risk management. Some examples of jobs, MBA grads may find include:
Financial analyst
Professional accountant
Financial consultant
Transaction services associate
Asset manager

Salary Outlook for Graduates

Salaries of accountants vary considerably according to position, qualification and experience. According to the survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the average starting salary for accountants with Online Master's Degrees was $49,786. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that yearly earnings of accountants and auditors ranged from $46,740 to $79,470 in May 2009. Accountants who receive certification may get greater financial compensation than professionals without the credentials. According to the IMA's 2009 salary survey, CMA (Certified Management Accountant) earned an average of $125,600.

Overall, an Online MBA in Accounting Degree is indeed a great way for advancing in accounting careers.

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