The path to a career in Computer Science begins from your session after the tenth standard. When you step into the phase of your life where you need to choose a stream, for studying Computer Science, you can choose any stream. Take one subject as Computer Science may not be a mandatory step in a career with the subject. However, when you have the subject from the basic standard, you have the foundation set. Moreover, you also remind yourself that you know your path of career. This will keep you focused. There are many Computer Science and Engineering colleges in Greater Noida, Delhi NCR and even other parts of India that emphasize your career choices later.

It is never too late to choose one career option. Computer Science is a subject that opens doors for many career opportunities that you just can’t miss. The reasons are being a lucrative salary and growth opportunities. The first step to getting a good job in the field is getting admission in the best B Tech college in Noida and other cities of India. With that, you understand the best practices and also come in contact with alumni who have been with the college. They give you better advice and counseling that help in making the right decision.

Students from the top B Tech College in Greater Noida are also pursuing masters in the same field for better opportunities and growth. With a master’s degree, you have an edge over other competitors who are graduates and where master’s degrees may be the eligibility criteria.

Career Options with Computer Science

There are many job opportunities with a Computer Science degree. In this blog, we discuss the top ten career options that are in everyone’s mind. On top of that, these jobs also provide a handsome salary. Continue reading to know about those ten opportunities that should be on your mind when you are doing a degree from a Computer Science and Engineering College in Greater Noida.

1. Computer Programmer: As a computer programmer, you need to be able to write and then test the codes enabling the functioning of computer applications and system programs. You need to be proficient in Javascript, Linux, C++, Java, etc.
2. Software Developer: With key skills of Java, C++ and other technical knowledge, a software developer is someone who does the job of developing software required to access client applications and programs.
3. Hardware Engineer: When everything has been made ready to function, there have to be physical components that can bring together everything to keep things intact. For example, you can’t run a window file if you don’t have a computer. The body of the computer is prepared by a hardware engineer.
4. Web Developer: Nowadays, most students aspire to be a web developer. The reason is the freedom to work from home and earn more. By completing your degree from the top B tech college in Greater Noida, Mangalmay, you can become a top web developer soon.
5. Video Game Developer: the name says it all. Someone who knows how to develop gaming software is a video game developer. It is an interesting job that requires passion. It also pays well.
6. Software Engineer: All the engineering applications are applied in the development of programs and operation of data. That is the work of a software engineer. It is one of the highest-paying jobs. It gets even better when one does Computer Science from top B Tech college in Greater Noida.
7. IT Architect: The name sounds fancy as so is the job. There has to be a set architecture for a company’s security and information technology. It is an IT architect who does it with precision and excellence.
8. Security Analyst: A security analyst is one who maintains the security of the system of a company is it a non-profit or profitable organization. One needs to have knowledge of tableau software, cybersecurity, security testing and auditing, security risk management, and a few more important tasks.
9. Database Administrator: One who is updated with the latest data and updates is a database administrator. You can’t be a database administrator if you are not capable of maintaining the database of a company in the right manner. This job is growing and is expected to grow in the coming years.
10. System Manager: If you are a system manager, you are assumed to have the skills of maintaining a team of system development and security of a company. The team works under your supervision. You need to have the experience to get into this designation. Hence, it is expected that you know project management and IT management.

Getting a job as one of the above-mentioned names is not an easy task. There are a few things you need to follow religiously. Listed below are those points.

● You must have the ability to get a seat in one of the best B tech colleges in Noida
● The focus of your study should be consistent so that you clear your examination with flying colors
● Maintain your timetable of study at college and at home. Nothing comes easy

As they say, “when there is a will, there is a way”. You can’t deny the fact. Everything is possible. You just need to devote attention to what you want and how you want to achieve it.

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