Information Technology (IT) is one of the most happening sectors in India today which offers a high return on investment, sound career progression and high creative satisfaction. Reports and studies suggest that this sector is going to grow at a faster pace in the coming years in the process generating millions of jobs. Aspirants interested in making a career in IT usually start at BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications). This undergraduate course lays a good foundation for a rewarding career in the IT industry. An MCA(Masters of Computer Application) is the natural course to follow for students of BCA as the Master’s program more or less teaches the same subjects through in-depth and at a considerably higher level. BCA followed by an MBA or MCA is the common path for people interested in the field of Information Technology (IT).
BCA, as mentioned above, lays the foundation for a successful career in IT, whereas the MCA adds a specialized touch to it. During your graduation, you can expect subjects like data processing, multimedia, data structure, database management, mathematics, probability, and statistics along with a series of programming languages to be taught. The same subjects, more or less, are taught at MCA through the level of complexity and depth may vary to a considerable extent. The MCA is a three years duration degree program consisting of six semesters (2 semesters per year) where the last semester is reserved for project work carried out in some organizations in real-time settings.

Admission in MCA

Admission in India is this prestigious degree program that is usually on the basis of a highly competitive entrance exam. MCA admission in Dehradun or for that matter any other India city is a tricky proposition as there are lots of inferior quality colleges that offer poor quality education and facilities. Quality MCA colleges, on the other hand, have a challenging assessment exam to gauge the potential and suitability of a student for this professional course. To be eligible for MCA, you have to have Mathematics as a subject in graduations or at the intermediate level. Being a technical field, it is important that students have sound logical and analytical reasoning capabilities with the ability to perform at the highest level in a high-pressure work environment.

Career opportunities for MCA students

There is no dearth of employment opportunities for students having an MCA degree from the best MCA colleges in Dehradun. A person depending upon his/her caliber and skills can work for either small or large IT companies in a variety of roles. It is generally suggested for students who have completed their BCA to go for some work experience before enrolling in MCA as the scope for a position broadens if a person has relevant work experience. Participants can choose to specialize as web designers, software engineers, systems administrators, database administrators, network managers, etc.

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