The human resource team is one of the most critical sectors in any company, as it aims to optimize employee performance, which ultimately drives high profit for the company. Hence, completing an MBA course in Human Resource Management is currently trending, due to the various opportunities present in the field. In this article, we will go over the different career opportunities present if you’re considering pursuing an
MBA in Human Resource Management.

MBA in Human Resource Management:

HR Consultant
If you want to pursue the HR field to earn money, then this is the route you should take. Nowadays, most companies are proliferating and keeping up with this demand; human resource departments have become vital. This resulted in the invention of human resource consultants. These consultants generally charge companies on an hour-basis, wherein they assess the company’s current situation and offer systematic recommendations to help the company reach its desired goal. However, to be a successful HR consultant, you need to be proficient in various fields, like employee management & motivation, incentive programs, building a company culture, retirement plans, etc. Another added benefit of being an HR consultant is that you get to choose who you want to work with and what you want to charge them for your services. The perfect concoction of freedom and money!

International Human Resources Professional
If you like travelling around the world while meeting new people and learning about new cultures, then becoming an international human resources professional is the path to be on. As an international HR professional, your job role will entail recruiting candidates into global positions, conducting training and creating standards across an international company, implementing benefits programs and plans depending on the national laws, maintaining labour relations across different cultures, among others. You will have to undertake the same amount and type of work as a national human resources professional. However, the key difference is you will be dealing with employees from different cultures and laws from a host of countries. A must-have skill for this role is the ability to engage successfully with different types of people who adhere to different customers. If you’re fluent in multiple languages, that’s considered to be a plus too.

Human Resources Executive
Similar to a Chief HR Officer or Vice President of Human Resources, a Human Resources Executive is ideal for those people who want to make enough money to build a lavish vacation house. At this position in the company, you are expected to create effective HR strategies for the company, including policies, systems, and goals. You will be responsible for overlooking all the activities related to the HR departments, including recruitment, contract signings, training and development, benefits, and others. Considering this is a high-ranking position, you will have to work your way up gradually, as most companies hire those individuals with at least 10-20 years of experience. However, if you eventually succeed in bagging this position, you will surely have a satisfying and well-paying career.

Training & Development Manager
HR professionals who want to be part of the environment and love teaching are inclined towards building a career as a training and development manager, as they help employees improve their skills and careers. This form of education is carried out in a professional setting, mostly in specially-held classes, workshops, conferences, and different types of events and gatherings. Some companies also hire training and development managers to create effectively coursework for employees, to ensure that the training session itself is entertaining and informative.

Employee Education Consultant
The job role of an employee education consultant is similar to a training and development manager, as they, too, are responsible for educating employees through workshops, classes, and conferences. The significant difference between the two positions is that employee education consultants don’t work full-time at one organization. Companies hire these consultants either on a contract basis or on a retainer to improve their employees’ skills. This gives them the freedom to work on their hours and choose their clients.

HR Entrepreneur
There are multiple types of startups that an HR professional can drive to success, including a headhunting firm, employee placement company, HR consulting firm, or over a professional employer organization. An HR professional can display their entrepreneurial skills, and set up such a firm, find a set of reliable clients and work hard to build their startup into a successful organization. A great benefit of launching such firms is that once they are successful; you can step back from day-to-day tasks and let the firm run itself while taking a passive income from it. With many companies preferring to outsource their HR functions, an HR firm built by an experienced HR professional is undoubtedly a promising path to ensuring an early retirement!

Executive Recruiter
As the name suggests, to become a successful executive recruiter, you need to be great at managing and communicating with people, while building relations. This is necessary as every recruiter needs to find and fill job openings, but as an executive recruiter, you are expected to fill the most critical positions of a company. This includes C-level executives like CEOs and other people in vice president positions. While you can charge a high fee for filing these positions owing to the complexity and importance of this position, you will only be paid in full after you have filled the position. To be successful in this position, it is recommended to build strong relations with companies to ensure that whenever an opening occurs, you are the first to get the job to fill it.

Human Resources IT Specialist
Most HR job roles haven’t changed much in the past year, however, the world of HR, in general, is expanding and new niche positions are being introduced due to the complexity of the work involved. One such position is the Human Resources IT Specialist. If you have a passion for software or hardware as well as an interest in human resources, you can combine your skills and pursue a career as an HR IT specialist. Moreover, as this is a relatively new job role, it is highly sought after and well-paid.

Of course, the list of opportunities available to an MBA in HR graduate is limitless, and these positions are just the tip of the iceberg. The industry is booming, and it’s definitely wise to climb on board now!

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