Ahem, I would like to point out Oprah’s use of the term “Next Chapter”. Notice the similarities between that and Next Chapter: New Life (my coaching business name)? I’ve been seeing that term not only in reference to Oprah’s new TV channel but I’ve seen it on the side of busses around town and even ads in magazines. I think the ever so slight improvement in our economy has now got us thinking about that Next Chapter in our life. We are truly ready to turn the page on what and how things are going now and get on with what the Next Chapter brings.
Lesson One: Nothing lasts forever. Oprah has a great gig going with her current TV program, among many things. It’s successful and people love it. Could she keep going? Sure, but she’s ready to move forward. The same thing happens for us but we often get surprised by it. We all tend to get to a point where professionally, we’re simply done. We’ve accomplished about all we care to and it’s time for something new.
Lesson Two: Growth is Change. As much as we like to avoid the discomfort with change, in order to grow we have to change. Oprah has never had her own channel. That’s a big change for her. If you’ve heard any of her interviews, she’s the first one to tell you that she is harboring both great excitement and terror in her change. We are like the plants bursting the seed. It’s not comfortable but it is necessary for our career growth.
Lesson Three: You don’t have to have all the answers. It’s clear with the launch of her new channel; she doesn’t have all the programming worked out. She is replaying “The Making of the Last Season Premiere” almost every day. As time goes by, more and more things get defined. They even have a program on a competition for a new program host. You don’t have to have all the answers to start your next career move. You simply need to take one step at a time in search of what that Next Chapter will look like. It will take shape as you learn more about yourself and what is out there for you to take advantage of.
Lesson Four: Surround yourself with people that inspire you. Its clear Oprah get’s a great deal of knowledge and personal nourishment from the people she interacts with. She looks unafraid to jump in to relationships with others. She learns from these people. She also is inspired by them. We can act reluctant to move towards others and this might be the biggest learning we can gain by watching her. Our ability to move forward in our careers is greatly dependent on others. Not just their decisions to promote us but by what we can learn and be inspired to do through others.
It’s been fun to watch Oprah’s growth over the years. Her mission is to educate, inform and inspire through what she puts out there for us to view. Yet, if you look at just her, she’s a good role model for career growth and genuine happiness by doing so.

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