Job seekers often dream of making their career in the travel & tourism industry. Besides being lucrative, jobs in this sector promise adventure and excitement to travel extensively through the length & breadth. Knowledge and skills in Danish language open up plethora of specialist career paths in travel, tourism and hospitality. Like hotel, hospitality, leisure, amusement, & entertainment, the travel and tourism sector are among the largest & fastest growing industries of the domestic & international economies.

We're living in an era of globalization where the world is transformed into global village demolishing the barriers of language. Hence learning a foreign language like Danish can broaden career options with the job options growing significantly. Undertaking a Danish Language Course in Kolkata & becoming certified with it can add significant value to the CV of job aspirants & give them competitive edge in the tourism industry.

Why select tourism industry after learning Danish?

Although after gaining proficiency in Danish language, there will be plenty of jobs up for grabs, but many career aspirants prefer to work in travel & tourism industry's mountains, forests, beaches, deserts, seas, monuments, historical locales fascinate them & since India boasts all of them it has become an attractive holiday destination for travelers & visitors.

The tourism sector is one of the mainstays of Indian economy & contributes hugely to the GDP. The jobs it offers are lucrative which makes them attractive propositions for job seekers. From leisure to entertainment, hotels to cruises, hospitality to shopping malls, there are great career opportunities.

Significance of Danish language in travel & tourism

As per reports presented by World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) 8% of the jobs worldwide are generated by travel & tourism industry . Candidates who would like to make a career in this sector must be multilingual with excellent command over English & Danish.

A language like Danish is highly sought-after because an exodus of visitors hailing from Denmark & other Danish-speaking countries & most of ties they cannot communicate in English. They prefer to speak their native language during their trip to India & those who know Danish well in the tourism industry have great chances to provide the international travelers best customer care support & assistance & improve the reputation of the company they're working in.

Successful communication is an essential prerequisite in the industry , so aspirants must be comfortable in English & possess excellent command over Danish language. Their ability to speak Danish impeccably will garner jobs in multiple positions such as travel agent, tour guide, visitor information executive, ticketing staff, flight attendant, logistics & transport officer, immigration officer etc. Employers will give candidates preference if they've pursued Danish Language Course in Kolkata.

If someone has the flair & knack to travel extensively & don't prefer office jobs can opt for positions like tour operator, guide, event manager, holiday consultant, photographer, travel blogger, adventure tourism expert etc. by knowing Danish language. These jobs are exciting & adventurous & provide opportunities to meet new people & explore exotic destinations and explore cultural heritage & geographical diversity.

Besides impeccable in communication, pleasant personality & soft skills, job seekers in tourism industry must be extrovert, dynamic, & enterprising. Knowledge of historical locations, culture, customs, & travel destinations are an added advantage.

Certificate types in Danish language.

There are basic, diploma, and advanced diploma courses in Danish language and most organizations prefer certified candidates who have done or completed an advanced diploma. The courses give learners lessons on grammar, pronunciation, & vocabulary of the language. They train the candidates in various core areas of the language so that they become adept & become confident during conversation. The trainers provide tips & suggestions for professional guidance. IITT Language Academy is delighted to offer Danish Language Course in Kolkata for language enthusiasts in both classroom & online mode. Apply now & get guaranteed placement assistance.

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